kitchen wall decor : 15 ideas and options

15 kitchen wall decor ideas, designs and options

Today in the I suggest a few kitchen wall decor ideas that will be useful to those who do not know how to decorate the small kitchen. owners of small apartments are trying to make a good use of every square centimeter in the kitchen and often ignore the wall decor, or install shelves for decorative ornaments.

Instead of boring shelves on the walls you can hang pictures and original gizmos that make the kitchen more comfortable and give the interior personality.
Usually, small kitchen has not so many free walls, suitable for decorative compositions. Besides, there's no need to hang something big for attracting everyone's attention. Our goal is to add a little comfort, and therefore an ideal location for the wall decorations, it's the area beside the dining table.

kitchen wall decor : photos of kitchen objects

Choosing the appropriate kitchen wall decor ideas, primarily guided by the interior style. For example,  abstract paintings and bright color posters are suitable for modern design and catchy images printed on the glass will look good, as in the photos below.
The color range is also important. Avoid pictures with dark colors,they do not fit here- they may fit in other rooms. The kitchen should be rich with warm colors: red, yellow, orange. They are not only cheerful, but also improve appetite.
It is desirable that subjects images are placed in the zone of the dining table to be associated with food and drink. photographs of exquisite dishes on kitchen walls look natural and harmonious.

wall plates for kitchen wall decoration
Not all things can decorate the walls of the kitchen. Popular kitchen wall decor option remains stickers . Usually they are easily. The main advantages of vinyl stickers - their affordable price and ease of use. Stickers do not require special care, and they are easy to remove if you want something new.
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kitchen vinyl wall stickers
kitchen objects in photo frames
kitchen wall decor - wall plates in frame
wall plates on shelves for kitchen wall decor

kitchen wall decor ideas
paintings for kitchen wall decoration