small living room furniture, lighting and paint colors

Ideas for small living room furniture, paint colors and lighting.

Small living room - it's always a challenge for owners of apartments, because they want to make the living room as much as possible comfortable, welcoming, spacious and comfortable for family holiday.
In the small living room in size it is necessary to place furniture for relaxation, shelves or bookcases, coffee table, fireplace. We propose to consider a few tricks on the examples: which color is best suite the small living room and which furniture to choose ?

Small living room furniture ideas

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if the wall color is chosen, the next step - the selection of small living room furniture. As in the design of a small bedroom, better to use the direction of minimalism. Of course, you want to have in the living room sofa and a few chairs, which can comfortably accommodate a large company. But for a small living room is better to stop the choice of either one double sofa or several chairs with poufs. So, upholstered furniture will not occupy all the space and you can move freely around the room, and in the case of a large number of visitors - you can collect seats and chairs from other rooms. Furnish the necessary things only and the furniture should differ in their functionality - have the extra space to store seasonal items.

modern wall units for small living room

small living room furniture ideas

small living room furniture: white sofas and natural wooden coffee table

small living room colors and paint colors

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in small living room design, color plays an important role. bright wallpaper with a small infrequent pattern suit this case. They can visually expand the boundaries of the premises. If the room has a low ceiling, the ideal wallpaper with vertical stripes, and horizontal stripes, on the contrary, visually expand the space. 
use colored or dark accents: accent wall , wallpaper combining different colors and shades. Use every wall decor with functional purpose - mirrors can show the opposite wall, a bright mural - to divert attention from the low ceiling or small sized rooms.

green small living room paint color ideas
small living room paint colors - off white

How to choose small living room lighting

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after choosing the small living room furniture, It is important to choose the correct lighting in the small living room. The more light in the room, the more it will visually expands. Chandelier is better way to complement a few more lights or spotlights. for lots of natural light provide light curtains on the windows. Roman blinds Will look good - they do not "steal" any one centimeter of the usable area near the window. But the heavy drapes, on the contrary, out of place in the small living room.

small living room furniture and wall lighting ideas

small living room lighting systems
small living room ceiling lights
If possible, designers advised to combine the kitchen and living room in one room (possibly separated by an arch), thus increasing the space and using techniques of zoning living room - visually distinguish between two zones. These pictures will help determine the design of a small living room with a kitchen.

living room and kitchen combining 

dining area, living room and kitchen in a single room