white modern living room design with bright colors

modern living room design : neutral background with bright colors

Neutral background with vivid details - a favorite formula of many artists on the interior. But each of them has its own secrets and techniques. Marina Kutuzov created expressive living room interior design, using just a couple of bright colors.

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white modern living room design with bright colors

Best living room color formula 

This apartment is designed to stay in the summer. It is located on the beach in the Baltic area - 98 square meters. the interior should be light, but not sterile, presentable, but not pompous. the owner was particularly worried about the living room color scheme - the room where it was planned to welcome guests and relatives. The combination of colors in the interior of the living room, designer Marina Kutuzova proposed, it completely arranged. She went on a bold step and mixed here milky white and rich blue. Contrasting colors and shapes graphically in the living room like the customer, because the interior of the result is a very expressive, it would be desirable not just to look at, but to settle.

modern living room paint color ideas

color of living room walls, furniture and accessories

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Textured background. Designer opted snow-white as the living foreground color. Ceiling, floor, walls and most of the furniture is white. white ribbed background, rolling from the ceiling on the wall. This is made ​​of plasterboard. Another textural element - carpet with long pile.

white living room background made of plasterboard and black wall

Black wall. Black color combined with white living room interior is considered a classic technique. These colors coexist and carefully emphasize each other.
designer choose saturated blue color as accent. To avoid sterile white living room interior, fragments of walls were covered with blue paint.

Geometry color . The interior living room with kitchen, designer joined the large surface, painted in contrasting white and blue colors. And as the transition, combining these elements made ​​plane geometric pattern covering the wall at the junction of the two zones.

living room furniture color. This yellow and purple chairs, colorful pillows. Chair stands in the light of the opposition to the overall picture of the interior. On the one hand, its seat supports one of the primary colors - blue, and its frame, on the contrary, boldly contrasts with the color palette of the living room design.