30 trendy staircase designs for homes in modern style

With the advent of trendy maisonettes staircase designs ceased to be a subject of relevance only to the private home. And if your interior is far from strict classical canons - the staircase designs in a modern style is the best choice. On this subject, we have an excellent selection of today - 30 photos of stairs models

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Luxury classic stairs designs and interior stair railing ideas

modern staircase designs and ideas for modern homes

spirals staircase designs with wooden kits for small homes

20 little girl's bedroom decorating ideas

Are you looking for ideas for  decorating a girl's room ? We wondered what kind of decorative style is more beautiful to show in Decor Zone . While opinions are varied, we conclude that there are some customs when decorating rooms that are not lost. Pink is one of the inevitable things as you will see in these samples of decoration for girls bedrooms .

what color to choose to paint a girl's room?

The  ideas for girls room decorating are several, however, some ideas are repeated. Some people prefer to decorate the rooms with typical infant girls themes: princesses and fairies. Such ideas are certainly deeply rooted among us and it is the first item we think if we decorate girls rooms . However, there are several options and alternatives.
As I mentioned before, there are some colors that are usually preferred when painting girl's room walls. The classic pink is one of the most used options, but we see a color looming with increasingly popular : the violet.
Also, there are those who break the pink and opt for a combination of red and white. The vibrant red is undoubtedly a way to brighten up the rooms . On the other hand white always go well with other colors, besides being a way to increase the brightness of the rooms. In these cases, the red-white combination is achieved by painting walls and ceilings, as well as the choice of decorative details, racks and shelves , or blankets. The good thing is you can even decorate the striped walls . 
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girl's bedroom decorating ideas

Kids bedroom ideas : tips to decorate a room for two kids

double kid's bedroom ideas and tips for dividing the space into small rooms

From baby to teenager, to coexist two kids in a small space is often complex and delicate. This requires a specific layout so that everyone can enjoy a little piece of its own and where it can flourish. Discover right now the kids bedroom ideas at Decor Zone to arrange and optimize double bedrooms intelligently.

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Kitchen cabinet colors: 20 ideas and color combinations

20 kitchen cabinet colors and color combinations

Everyone chooses the color that he likes. But there are rules that allow you to find the best option for your family and your kitchen cabinet colors, we will provide you with some of them.

kitchen cabinet colors: Bright colors

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Young and brave choice. Kitchen with cabinets in saturated colors is suitable for dynamic people - those who are not afraid of experiments. They are not afraid of eye-catching colors - quite the contrary. Thus, the bright yellow color of the kitchen cabinet is charging them with energy, bright blue calms after the day, a bright red increases the tone and bright purple gives confidence.

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Bright kitchen cabinet colors are good for both dark and bright rooms. But its area must be large enough, otherwise the kitchen will seem cramped.

kitchen cabinet colors, orange kitchen designs

Stylish curtains for living room - ideas, designs, colors 2017

Collection of stylish curtains for living room, we provide you with important tips and roles for the curtains in living room, we also give you a collection of ideas for the design and the color of curtains in the interior of your

curtains for living room: designs and ideas

in this article we focus on the living room interior decor, in particular the luxury curtains for living room, we provide you with important tips and roles for the curtains in living room, we also give you a collection of ideas for the design and the color of curtains in the interior of your
red curtains design ideas for living room
red curtains designs for living room

creative jewelry storage ideas and solutions in the interior

today we focus on women needs in the bedroom, specially the storing and showing the jewelry and accessories, so we combined to you large number of jewelry storage ideas and jewelry storage solutions in the interior , and provide you with a photo collection that show these jewelry storage ideas and more
jewelry storage solutions

Modern Italian bedroom furniture designs and features

Italian bedroom furniture sets : designs and characteristics

Modern Italian bedroom furniture fits you if you are aiming to create a functional and practical, yet stylish interior, not devoid of chic and elegance.
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white bedroom furniture sets with streamlined bed headboard

Small kitchen table sets: 15 designs and recommendations

Small kitchen table designs and tips from experts for the choice

Small kitchen can be a nightmare. Whether you live in an apartment or an older home, you can get to face this problem. A far greater problem arises when you discover that your former home table will not fit in your new kitchen. This means you will need to shop; this does not mean that you can choose any small kitchen table set to fill your craving. There are steps you need to follow to make sure you choose a table that is right for your small kitchen.

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round kitchen table sets for small kitchen

Wooden staircase: 15 designs and preinstallation tips

Wooden staircase design ideas and installation tips

The stairs are a necessary element in any two-layers home and making your own decision and steps can save a lot of money. With the basic woodworking tools and a pile of wood, you can create a custom high quality wooden staircase within days.

creative wooden staircase ideas and designs

contemporary living room furniture sets, designs and ideas

15 contemporary living room furniture and designs 

Living room traditionally considered the central room in the house, but because it is withdrawn for usually the most spacious room. Since this room is designed for both families and for entertaining, especially living room furniture implies a balanced combination of style, beauty and comfort.

contemporary living room furniture - turquoise sofa and white chairs

15 bedroom designs and ideas in high-tech style

high-tech bedroom designs and ideas for small rooms

today in decor zone we combined a photo collection of bedroom designs in high tech style with some useful ideas and tips for the owners of small apartments.
high-tech  style represents a triumph of modern technology. This style is widely used to decorate corporate institutions - banks, business offices - and not evoke the so-called "home comfort". Nevertheless, designers have adapted to high-tech interior of the home, adding to the functionality and expressive conciseness style with high degree of comfort.

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high-tech bedroom designs - white furniture with wooden touch

9 master bedroom decorating ideas

today we provide you with creative ideas and designs for your master bedroom decorating, lighting, furniture, bed, wall paint colors. don,t miss this article

creative master bedroom decorating ideas and tips

Although most of the hours you spend in your room you are sleeping, it is important to create the master bedroom decor according to your tastes. The master bedroom is where most show your creativity, as it is a private space of only you and your partner . Take the opportunity to give free rein to your imagination, choosing styles , furniture and colors to match your style and needs.
It is important to decorate the master bedroom by a team effort with your partner , as the two are likely to have different needs and tastes. Before you start decorating, talk to your partner about what you both expect the final result. Discuss colors, styles and furniture you need.
Decide which features you want to meet your master bedroom. Do you use this room only for sleep? Or also to read, work , study or exercise? Keep in mind when you decide the space functions in the bedroom and think which furniture you need to fulfill each function.

master bedroom decorating ideas, bedroom curtains, ceiling, shelving
master bedroom decorating ideas, bedroom curtains, ceiling, shelving

35 bedroom ceiling designs and ideas

stunning bedroom ceiling designs and ideas for decoration

Bedroom ceiling designs: To decorate your bedroom, you often pay attention to the wall paintings, furniture and floor, but what about your bedroom ceiling design? Yes, you can make your bedroom ceiling the focal point in your bedroom. The ceiling of the room is the first thing you see when you open your eyes. So creating perfect designs for your bedroom ceiling is very crucial. 

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bedroom ceiling designs with ceiling lights for girl's room

most popular bedroom paint colors 2014

a collection of the most popular bedroom paint colors and some bedroom paint color ideas that will help you to design yours.

Bedroom paint colors studies 

The latest survey, conducted in the UK about color and patterns that you need to choose for bedroom, showed interesting results. It appears that the color and pattern affect on the quality and duration of sleep. The most popular colors were named blue, yellow, green, gray and orange, they promise a strong and peaceful sleep.

popular bedroom paint colors ideas, orange bedroom

Most popular bedroom paint colors for 2014

blue color

In the retina, the eye has special receptors, called ganglion cells. They are most sensitive to a blue color. These receptors store the information in that part of the brain that controls circadian rhythms. And as it turns out, blue is perfect for the bedroom, causing a deep sleep.
Blue and its many shades are considered the best popular bedroom paint colors when it comes to the quality of sleep. Blue bedroom has always been the favorite among interior decorators, and the issue of children's bedrooms, then it can compete by popularity only pink. White and blue - a stylish combination that fits perfectly into the modern in decor.

most popular bedroom paint colors, blue bedroom

yellow bedroom

Although the study shows that the yellow color is the second popular bedroom paint colors, but it must be used wisely. This is partly due to the cheerful and bright attractive colors, which seems to be able to wash off all the hardships of the working day.
Sunny neutral bedroom interior decorated in yellow colors, looks nice and roomy. Yellow - especially a good choice for small and compact rooms, because it makes them visually spacious and airy.


green, silver, gray bedroom paint colors

Green - charming versatile color. Thanks to it, there is a feeling of comfort and tranquility. That is why it is in the Top - 3 most popular bedroom paint colors, although darker shades should be avoided.
Lime green and apple-green perfectly combine with white and yellow. 

green white color combination, bedroom paint colors
Silver-gray bedroom can incredibly surprise by its elegance and originality. Unfortunately, the color is not very popular among homeowners, but that could change.

silver gray color combination

Lively and colorful orange. The decor and furnishings in modern styles require new bright colors. Orange rapidly gaining popularity. Orange with a hint of yellow and white - a stylish combination that is suitable for any modern bedroom. it is pleasant and provide with positive thoughts that will surely allow for a perfect night.

popular bedroom paint colors 2014, orange

white bedroom furniture sets: designs and tips

Modern white bedroom furniture designs and tips from experts

Bedroom in white color looks elegant and stylish. How to choose furniture and accessories for a white bedroom? - We are looking for answers in an editorial photo gallery.

white bedroom furniture - white platform bed

stylish modern coffee table designs and ideas

before, we talked about coffee table decorating ideas, and that article achieved a great number of views, today we are talking about the modern coffee table, and provide you with chosen collection of coffee table designs of different materials.

Modern coffee table ideas

Designers urged not afraid to experiment and take advantage of the availability of original, high quality and beautiful furniture. Design of living rooms Denelli Italia proposes the creation of an ideal living space that allows you to unwind and enjoy the creative and functional furniture.

modern coffee table designs with two surfaces

LED ceiling lights: Lamps and chandeliers

LED ceiling lights (lamps and chandeliers) : designs and features

Good alternative to the usual sources of light - LED ceiling lights. we consider some common designs of chandeliers and lamps, which operate based on LED Technology and its features.

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creative LED lamps - LED ceiling lights

10 Spice storage ideas and solutions for small kitchens

10 Spice storage ideas and solutions in your kitchen

To the kitchen as long as possible prevailed order to properly organize the food storage supply, crockery , kitchen utensils and other small items. Today we are talking about spices and how to make easy to use storage.

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Spice storage ideas - laboratories with spice in the kitchen

kitchen tables and chairs : 20 creative designs and ideas

kitchen tables and chairs : 20 creative ideas, types and designs for modern kitchen

Selecting  kitchen tables and chairs can be compared with the selection of clothing. Sophistication and elegance born of intuitive ability to capture many factors, correct accents with additional accessories. In the case of tables and chairs that can be vases, napkins, plates on the table, tablecloths, ashtrays, pillows, chair covers and other items.

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New designs for tables and chairs for modern kitchen

10 Modern kitchen designs, ideas and decorating tips

Modern kitchen designs and ideas to get trendy kitchen

 Modern kitchen designs can be a great choice for those who like a bright and vintage life, who are not afraid of new trends and prefers to keep up with fashion trends.
Modern kitchen ideas

modern kitchen lighting ideas and solutions

Kitchen lighting ideas for modern interior 

Kitchen -  a work area where there should be not only comfortable, but also full of light.  kitchen Lighting should be well thought out. This is necessary to ensure that the housewife is always in a good mood, and its culinary delights prepared in a comfortable atmosphere for pleasing all households. 

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