Kitchen cabinet colors: 20 ideas and color combinations

20 kitchen cabinet colors and color combinations

Everyone chooses the color that he likes. But there are rules that allow you to find the best option for your family and your kitchen cabinet colors, we will provide you with some of them.

kitchen cabinet colors: Bright colors

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Young and brave choice. Kitchen with cabinets in saturated colors is suitable for dynamic people - those who are not afraid of experiments. They are not afraid of eye-catching colors - quite the contrary. Thus, the bright yellow color of the kitchen cabinet is charging them with energy, bright blue calms after the day, a bright red increases the tone and bright purple gives confidence.

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Bright kitchen cabinet colors are good for both dark and bright rooms. But its area must be large enough, otherwise the kitchen will seem cramped.

kitchen cabinet colors, orange kitchen designs

kitchen cabinet colors
purple kitchen cabinet colors
kitchen cabinet colors - modern turquoise kitchen

Kitchen cabinet neutral colors

 kitchen cabinet colors - neutral gray 
modern kitchen with off-white cabinets
classic beige kitchen cabinet colors
Mature and conservative decision. Beige, white and milk, grayish and other 'quiet' kitchen cabinet colors - the choice to be peaceful and thorough. They profess traditional values ​​and prefer classic in all its manifestations.
Neutral colors are suitable for any room: dark and light, small and large.
Tip: Looking for accents. lack of bright kitchen colors 2015 in the design of the kitchen should at least partially compensate. Add a colorful interior accessories: a vase of colored crystal lamp shade with color, painting in a modest wooden frame, but with a bright image.

Natural colors

Lovers of country music - country style in the interior is very popular today, so natural colors are selected not only in this rustic style, but also in very modern interiors. Brown, yellow or green color, and the color of natural wood soothes, adjusts a philosophical mood, is pleasant associations and memories.
Natural kitchen cabinet colors blend with any room and visually smooth even industrial landscape outside the window.

natural wood kitchen cabinet colors
kitchen cabinets in natural wood colors

Kitchen cabinet color combinations

kitchen cabinet color combinations are a fashion trend in recent years. A lot of options. Can vary the color of the front panels and enclosures, fronts of drawers and swing doors, upper and lower cabinets, and so on.. All fronts can be alternated in a checkerboard or any other order.
Colorful kitchen cabinet colors are beautiful in large and bright rooms 

modern kitchen cabinet color combinations - gray and pale yellow
kitchen cabinet color combinations - blue and natural wood
kitchen cabinet colors combinations - black and yellow