LED ceiling lights: Lamps and chandeliers

LED ceiling lights (lamps and chandeliers) : designs and features

Good alternative to the usual sources of light - LED ceiling lights. we consider some common designs of chandeliers and lamps, which operate based on LED Technology and its features.

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creative LED lamps - LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling lights: decorative lamps

Compact devices. Ceiling LED lights are perfect for accent lighting in the home - . They can be used around the clock due to the low power consumption of energy. Due to the small depth of insertion, LED lamps can be used with any type of false ceiling. And the fact that LED s (unlike halogen lamps) are not heated and give a very bright light, you can use them not only for accents, but also as the main lighting.

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Decorative Lighting. Spot light can be red, blue, green and other shades of the radiation.
Mixing beams - spotlights spots create a multitude of color nuances. This effect is sometimes used for nursery. Among the LED lamps emit white light models with different color temperature (warm white, cool white, neutral).

modern LED ceiling lights
modern spotlights - LED ceiling lights
huge number of LED ceiling lamps
LED ceiling lights - round lamps in different sizes

LED ceiling chandeliers

Room decoration. there are a number of devices created on the basis of miniature bulbs LEDs. They give designers a huge scope to express their creative thoughts. The tiny size of a bright light source allows you to create the most bizarre forms of chandeliers. Thanks to a small but powerful lamps create light flux incomparable with radiation lamps. At the same time the cost of electricity is minimal, and the lifetime of the LED ceiling lights more than 30 000 hours. Typically, LED ceiling lights are equipped with control units, ie the chandelier can be switched even while lying on the couch. 

LED ceiling lights - crystal LED chandeliers

modern LED chandeliers
LED ceiling lights - modern chandeliers
handmade LED ceiling chandeliers
LED ceiling lights - luxury crystal chandeliers