modern kitchen lighting ideas and solutions

Kitchen lighting ideas for modern interior 

Kitchen -  a work area where there should be not only comfortable, but also full of light.  kitchen Lighting should be well thought out. This is necessary to ensure that the housewife is always in a good mood, and its culinary delights prepared in a comfortable atmosphere for pleasing all households. 

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Main kitchen lighting ideas

Overhead kitchen lighting ideas can be completely different. If the room is dark and there is enough light in working space, it will be interesting atmosphere. A different option is to make the kitchen filled with light. You can use all the same conductor with lights filling action with and additional decorative light. It's important to know that the minimum illumination is  20-30 watts per square meter.

simple kitchen ceiling lights
modern kitchen lighting ideas for workplace and walls
creative kitchen lighting ideas  under the cabinets
If the kitchen is also a dining room, the table is worth to be separately highlighted. Good kitchen lighting ideas for a typical dining area - a chandelier in the middle of the table. Often it is combined with additional fill light
Note that sometimes it's nice to sit in the dim light, then you can turn off the fill light and perhaps even extinguish the chandelier using dimmer. 

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For a small kitchen lighting: 

modern kitchen lighting ideas for small kitchens
lamps for the work surface (including easy access to the key);
ceiling light in the form of trunking with 5-10 scattered glow lamps (including when entering the premises); 

overhead kitchen lighting for small kitchens

kitchen ceiling lights for small rooms
small chandelier over the table with warm halogen or energy saving lamp (inclusion at the table, if necessary switch when entering the premises or dimmer). 
Such a scheme will actively prepare to sit in the bright space and if you want to stay in the shadows.

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kitchen lighting errors

One of the major errors in the بmodern kitchen lighting system - the location of the light source behind the man who cooks. Thus man himself casts a shadow on their own hands, and this prevents the cooking. 
This can be avoided if, for example, you install built-in lights in a short distance from the upper cabinets, then their light will fall directly on the working surface. 

modern kitchen lighting ideas under the upper cabinets
kitchen lighting in classic style

kitchen drawers lighting ideas
modern kitchen ceiling lights