Wooden staircase: 15 designs and preinstallation tips

Wooden staircase design ideas and installation tips

The stairs are a necessary element in any two-layers home and making your own decision and steps can save a lot of money. With the basic woodworking tools and a pile of wood, you can create a custom high quality wooden staircase within days.

creative wooden staircase ideas and designs

where to place the wooden staircase?

Measure the vertical distance of what will be the finished wooden staircase from the ground. This distance is known as the step of the stairs. Divide the total number of inches on the height of the stair steps and have the number of steps you have to build. Now divide the same way by the amount of stairs and you'll pass each of the steps. It is important that the passage of each step is between 7 and 8 inches, as is the standard format used by the builders.

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To calculate the total horizontal distance of the stairs, multiply the number of steps by 10 inches. For example, a set of stairs with 12 steps should be about 120 inches or 10 feet (3 m).

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It is very important to make sure that there will be enough space above if the wooden staircase are in a hole. To do this, use a plumb line to mark where the ground will be connected to the top of the stairs. Now go plumb down where the stairwell to the number of steps will be extended. Measured from the starting point of the plumb mark to the mark on the stairwell. Divide this measurement by 10 to determine what steps is the closest to the hole. Multiply the number of steps by the step height for the staircase height and subtract that height up to the stairwell to get the head-space. If more than 6 feet 8 inches (2 m), you can build the wooden staircase. Otherwise, you'll have to rotate the stairs and build a base.

simple wooden staircase without railings

wooden staircase designs and ideas

spiral wooden staircase for small apartments

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wooden staircase designs and ideas