8 small living room decorating ideas with small budget

Do you have a small living room? No problem. Take advantage of these decorating tips to inspire you to design the space you want to live, however small. You do not need large space or to decorate the living if you know the secrets of organization and decoration of a small rooms .

small living room decorating ideas for inspiration

small living room decorating ideas in minimalism style
small living room decorating ideas without budget

Large living room shelves

large shelving in small living room decor
Small living room decorating ideas: With elegant shelves on the wall almost floor to ceiling, you can take to keep everything close and focus your energies on what you are going to organize a display on the shelves. Do not limit yourself just to books; You can use the shelves to place art pieces, paintings, ornaments and even a sound system.

Hide the coffee table

transparent coffee table as small living room decorating ideas
Another small living room decorating idea: To make the small seating area wider, use a transparent coffee table, which also fit many decorating styles is easy to clean. And the view is like there!

Adopt the minimalist style

small living room decorating ideas in minmalism style
The minimalist style postulates that if you keep the furniture to a minimum, will maximize the space: the simpler the design, the room will be more spacious. It is an obvious principle of decoration, but most of us ignore. In addition, you will furnish cheaper and easier to keep clean. Everybody wins.

Divide small living room with a screen

small living room dividing with screen 
small living room decorating ideas: This painted screen purchased in an antique shop creates the illusion of space, leaving space behind for storage, hide clutter or simply to create a new space for another use.

small living room decorating ideas: the fireplace

fireplace decorating ideas for small living rooms
The fireplace does not have to be a black hole when it is not lit. Especially during the summer, decorate the fireplace with light fixtures that help to illuminate the small living room.

Add depth with a mirror

large mirror for small living room decoration
A large mirror strategically placed can add depth to the small living room decor. If you can not afford to use a wall to hang it all, you can opt for a smaller one or even standing one; almost any mirror add an unexpected dimension.

Use long living room curtains 

small living room decor ideas - long curtains 
For small living room decorating, These long, flowing curtains, falling from ceiling to floor, add dimension to the room. They make you look taller, and therefore larger.

Framed windows with Roman shades

small living room decorating ideas - window roman shades
Another good idea to emphasize the height of a room (or at least fool the eye) is optionally install Roman shades.