Modern bedroom storage ideas with shelves

The bedroom decor allows us to switch from an incredible range of possibilities, especially when it comes to search for places and areas for storage .

bedroom storage ideas and solutions - colorful shelving

There are many reasons to store your objects and items in certain areas of the bedroom. No need to use too many shelves or cabinets, simply opt for some strategic areas that will allow us to save some space.

Bedroom storage ideas and solutions with shelves

bedroom storage ideas - modern bed with storage drawers 
If you were looking for a creative and ingenious bedroom storage ideas so, then you came to the right place.

Bedroom storage solutions: Walnut headboard

bedroom storage ideas - walnut bed headboard
In the superior part of the bed you can use the space to create an entire system of modern and attractive storage. In that sense, walnut wood headboards can become an excellent alternative to store all kinds of objects. creative bedroom storage solution, isn't it? 

bed headboard with storage solutions 

Neutral Shelves

neutral shelves as bedroom storage solutions
Another one of bedroom storage ideas To not depend on the use of lockers, there is always the possibility of creating a wall shelf to show off a complete organizer , aesthetic and neutral. Why not have a bit of space when it comes to storing your belongings. It all depends on your ability to innovate.

Bedroom storage Ideas: Original dressing

bedroom storage ideas and solutions - Original dresser
The main problem in organizing the bedroom is the large amount of clothing that we must keep. For this inconvenience does not turn into a headache, do not hesitate to opt for these very practical dressing, designed to be embedded in the wall or closet and make more space. creative bedroom storage ideas

Recessed Shelves

bedroom storage solutions - recessed shelves
It is a safe and ideal bedroom storage idea for storing your books, collections and valuable memories method. No need to go down to the library to read your favorite texts. You can also place your video arcade, BluRay movies and other similar items.