5 creative CD recycling ideas to use in home decoration

5 CD recycling ideas for home decoration

creative CD recycling ideas for home decoration
If you plan to clean and throw your CDs, we provide you with creative decorating ideas for CD recycling and  giving CDs a different and modern life to use in any corner of your house. The key is the design you choose and where you want to put.

Christmas decorations

CD recycling ideas for Christmas decoration
How about this year instead of buying new ornaments for Christmas decoration, think about creative CD recycling ideas? Look at the picture, does not become beautiful?

Curtains - CD recycling

CD recycling - curtains made of old CDs
CD recycling: If you want the sunlight to illuminate your home all day, this CDs curtain is ideal. You can decorate your home windows while the sun shines and load your home with positive energy.


creative CD recycling - hangers for towels
Decorate several old CDs with wool or paint them with the color you prefer, combine it with a hoop (lightweight) and install them in the place where most precise organize your stuff. Easy right? You can hang towels, ties, and many other things.

CD recycling ideas: Cup holders

creative CD recycling ideas - original cup holders
Take advantage of the leftover paint you have to paint your old CDs in different colors and transform them into a fun cup holders(CD recycling). Imagine the faces of your guests when they see you have the original holder.

Wall Signs

CD recycling to decorate your walls
one of CD recycling ideas is that you can decorate them to form of an image on the wall as a rectangle, a cloud, or whatever you want. You just have to hang or paste the CDs on the suitable site.