how to choose the ideal Futon sofa bed for your home

The futon sofa bed can be a very useful piece of furniture, especially if you have guests and you have a guest room to accommodate them. Alternatively, if you live in a very small space such as a studio apartment, you may want something that can be used as a sofa during the day and then as a bed for the night.

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Futon sofa beds: designs and tips for the choice

As there is usually a substantial difference in the price of futon sofa beds, we created this guide so you can choose exactly the right futon for you.

black-gray metal futon sofa bed for small living room

For which Purpose?

Think about exactly what you need the futon sofa bed. If it is only for occasional use at night when you have guests, and usually will remain in an upright position, then probably you will be served by a cheap futon.
If, however, you'll use it regularly as a sofa and as a bed, it will be much more profitable to spend a little more money and buy something that lasts longer. Preferably choose one that has an extensive warranty, so if it is broken you will be covered.

leather futon sofa bed for office

Comfort of futon sofa beds

If you use the futon sofa bed on a regular basis, you have to make sure it's comfortable enough for the purpose. Do not forget to wear crush fill down, so it will become less comfortable and can become unbearable after a while. Comfort is definitely something you should try before you buy.

brown-beige futon sofa bed design
If it's just for occasional guests, but probably not as necessary to try ... even though your guests might not want to return if they feel too uncomfortable!

Futon sofa bed with metal structure

Futon sofa bed Materials

You need the futon sofa mattress material is resistant. choose it smooth to make the touch great, but if it wears quickly, you might want to choose something a little harder. If you are in constant use, you'll probably need to clean it frequently, so you'll need to make sure that is not easily discolored.

metal futon sofa bed for modern interior
turquoise futon sofa beds with stainless steel structure
Please note that pets can scratch it and get caught in the fabric, so that the material can not be as strong as a sofa.

In which Size ?

Most Western futon sofa beds are at least the equivalent of a small double bed. However, that is not always very comfortable for a couple, so if you know you will share your futon, or you'll have guests who come on business, you have to think of something bigger.
Of course, you also need to consider the size of the space you're going to put it; in this case, a smaller size may be more convenient. And do not forget to make sure you have space in the room to open the futon!

living room futon sofa beds with stainless steel structure

Futon sofa bed Budget

Many people choose futon sofa beds because they want to add the cost of a new sofa plus a bed. However, futon sofas are not always the cheapest option. If you're on a budget, you have to do careful research to ensure you get the quality and comfort necessary within your budget.

creative design of futon sofa beds
It makes little sense to buy something cheap, to find it breaks after only a year and have to buy another. Neither you think of a futon sofa as a minor piece of your furniture; otherwise, you could take a disappointment if you do not choose carefully.
If you consider these issues carefully before buying, choosing the ideal futon sofa bed will be very easy.