Living room flooring ideas and options

There are several types of living room flooring , from wood to carpet, to tile. No doubt that the models are varied and very different styles. The question is to know what type of flooring covering is the most appropriate in the living room. Here are some tips and ideas.

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Hardwood Living room flooring

parquet living room flooring ideas
Wood is a coating of soil used for centuries, it is a natural material which has the advantage of being easy to maintain and care. Enough that you will remove the dust and wax daily used depending on the type of wood used. Well maintained, the wooden living room flooring offers a very special glow. The color of the wooden house perfectly combines with all styles of rugs.

living room flooring options - hardwood
But like all living room floor coverings, parquet has its drawbacks, as the accumulation of dust between the binding grooves of each wooden board. Wood costs a little more to keep in good condition compared to other soils. 

Tiling Living room flooring options

The tiles in Living room flooring are a material that reflects the aristocratic Italian side, as they have won worldwide for aesthetic and practical reasons. The tiles are a type of coating made from a compound of clay, cement and porcelain, and noted for its special luster.
There is a wide range of tiles for living room flooring options available in specialty stores, can be found in matte finish, smooth finish, or glossy. The tiles are well suited to the bathrooms, but the tile has a prominent place in the decoration of the living rooms of the house. They are also used to coat the floors, and are a very practical option since cleaned easily better than wood.

tiled living room floor options
The tiles of living room floors are washed with water daily and air dried. But its placement requires expert hands to be well arranged and evenly. However they can be dangerous if there are children running around the house, since it is easy to slip if you are wet.

Carpeted living room floor

living room flooring ideas - carpeted floor
The carpet is the cake in the decor of the room . The choice is marked by the pursuit of comfort and warm side it brings. Indeed, the carpet in the living room flooring provides greater warmth in the room. The raw linen, for example, emphasizes the living room painted in light colors with wooden furniture and decorative objects of black metal.
Maintaining carpeted living room flooring is more complicated compared to other soils, since it requires that you pass every day vacuuming, since usually generate large numbers of mites. It is also contraindicated in case a family member have problems with asthma or an allergy to dust.
As you see, choosing the living room floor is a matter of taste. Wood, tile or carpet are just some of the possibilities, as also with the new trends are testing other materials such as concrete, linoleum, or even glass. In any case, no shortage of ideas to give a different touch to the living room by just putting a new material under foot.