7 Modern home accessories for relaxation and inspiration

One of the decorative trends popular today is the Coastal Decor . Contrary to popular belief, this style proposes much more than a simple " maritime decor . " In fact, in essence, suggests choosing accessories for their colors, textures and the use of organic elements, inspire calm and induce relaxation.

modern home accessories for relaxation and inspiration

And you, do you like to bring some peace to your home? You can do it with these accessories that we have chosen for you!

Pacific Armchair

coastal home accessories - pacific armchair
Nothing like this gorgeous chair to surrender to the beautiful peace of a good nap. This furniture will provide everything you need: tranquility, space and plenty of comfort and all this at a very good price-. So if you were looking for an alternative to change up your old couch, do not miss this opportunity!

Modern home accessories: Dark Bowl

modern home accessories - creative dark bowel
This ocean bowl is unique piece of home accessories: This is a handcrafted piece made ​​with fine ceramics. it's original design was created to commemorate some of the most characteristic manifestations of maritime life: crustaceans, tentacles ... So if you like the idea of carrying your home part of the exciting water calm animals, something can be sure: this marine basin will not disappoint.

Home accessories: Fish cushions

home accessories for relaxation - home cushions
What is the best emblem of the sea? Well, the fish, of course! So, if you want to be faithful to the Coastal Decor , these lovely beings can't be missed in your home accessories. Here's a good reason to give you this cushion . With this simple and inexpensive accessory, you can give a touch of freshness and humor to your room. I adore!

Pictures to remember

coastal photo frames modern home accessories
What have been the most memorable moments of your life? Well, I bet you have several pictures of them. So what do you think if you frame it in these beautiful frames ? These were developed by one of the most recognized artisans around the world: Marjorie Bloom. For this reason, and as the marine basin, these portraits are unique and unrepeatable. What more can you need? 

painting to navigate

relaxing home accessories - paintings for navigation
Hang these home accessories in your living room or in your bedroom, and let its dominant blue erase your stress and recharge your energies.

Home accessories: Glossy Mirror

glossy mirrors - modern home accessories for relaxation
The Coastal home accessories are facet of pure elegance and this circular mirror shown clearly. This home accessory was made ​​from all natural materials. Its user-friendly design lets you install almost anywhere: above the sofa, on the stove, in your hall ... The choice is yours!

Pad snails

Here is another example of modern home accessories that with maritime decor can build very sophisticated spaces. And this pad , with organic elements, represents the elegance at its best.