Modern living room decorating ideas and tips from experts

The modern decor is a trend, the mixture of bright and brown colors not only attract attention but also provide the right atmosphere to relax after work. modern living room decorating ideas may be what you need to take shelter in your home.

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Modern living room decorating ideas

If we live in a cold climate, installing an elegant fireplace is a good idea. We can complement the fireplace with installing some shelves on the wall.

modern living room decorating ideas - creative wall paintings
Modern living room decorating ideas: The cushions are an ideal way to bring originality and color to any living room decor. You can get them in plenty of textures, shapes and colors. Take advantage of them!

modern living room decorating ideas - colorful cushions
The modern decor is customary also put large tables. It is best that we make sure that the area is large enough so you can put a table without losing space. 
Another one of modern living room decorating ideas: rugs in whitish colors like light gray or cream.
To choose the best decor for our living, we must consider what activities usually take place in the room. If the room is a room that's used for family fun and is spacious enough, we can install a game console TV that is complemented with a large sofa. 
If we only use the living room to relax we can install a cart bar, earmuffs chairs, coffee tables and decorative tablecloths, plus a shelf for decoration.

modern living room decor ideas - creative sofa and wall lights

Tips for modern living room decoration

The mixture of clear and brown colors is one of the things that characterizes the modern living room decorating style but not as exaggerated decoration we can use the colors we want to decorate.
Modern living room decorating tips: We must ensure that you receive the proper room lighting, for it you can put mirrors along with table lamps, this will make it look much bigger and illuminated.

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creative modern living room lighting ideas
Other one of good living room decorating ideas is to hang elegant paintings on the walls, put by the window a bookcase or shelf with your favorite books, in this way not only the decor of the room will look cozy, also invited to stay her.

modern living room decorating ideas - creative paint techniques