12 Creative modern living room designs and ideas

If you are looking to renew your living room in contemporary style, I propose to see some modern living room designs and ideas to inspire you in your design. 

living room designs and ideas in modern style

In the first image we see a simple living design, but it's also attractive. Also achieves a goal of practicality and comfort in the interior while with a pleasing space. Patterns and colors used will provide modernity and distinction to the room.
white modern living room design with colorful cushions 
The living room is the place that is usually always crowded, as it is ideal for entertaining and so is the main room that improve the image of your house in general, If you prefer neutral places, adding a splash of color to the decor in different ways achieve more attractive and cozy room. living room designs

white living room design with purple curtains, carpet and cushions
modern living room designs are also characterized by furniture and the colors of the walls, the use of plants and other organic components like flowers, for example. It is an option to give a more natural look to the decor. Tables can also be linked with the same theme.

white living room designs with red furniture
In modern living room designs, The combination of colors such as white and red creates a very striking space, while modern furniture styles give you a unique look to the interior . In this modern living room designs it can be seen that the sofa is the protagonist of the space.

modern living room designs with creative wall lighting ideas
modern living room designs - living room paint techniques 
If the modern living room has windows, it will be easier to achieve a great lighting system, but if the lighting is reduced then you will have to find ways to provide it . Some excellent choices are to choose light in neutral colors, do not place too much furniture (only as needed), place storage spaces, among others.

modern living room designs for small spaces

living room designs in gray and beige color combination
Even to decorate a studio you have to have space for living into account. This space can not be present though do not count on large spaces. The option you have for a modern living room in a small space is to place furniture that meets other functions, such as coffee tables with storage.

modern living room design ideas - creative sofa and wall lights
living room designs in white color
living room designs in modern style
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