6 Popular paint colors for a single wall in the room

Some designers love to paint one wall in a different color. Others do not love. Which side are you? We help you to decide with these ideas of single wall paint colors

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Most popular wall paint colors for one wall in the room

Royal blue

popular paint colors for one wall in living room - royal blue
"I booked a room with three dove gray walls and one wall of deep blue , royal blue with just a little red. At night, with shining silver on the table, it was sexy, dark wall paint colors are sexy, without dominating the room always give you more depth seemed unfathomable. "-. Philip Nimmo 

Single wall paint colors: Red 

stair wall paint colors - vibrant Red
The most popular wall paint colors: "In one of my projects, I painted the stairs in white and the wall behind it in vibrant red , to be as statuesque as possible. Whenever I see her, I feel totally elated. And I will not put any part of art on the wall That high gloss red is the artwork. "- Amanda Kyser


popular wall paint colors- orange wall in white living room
about the orange wall paint colors, you should read this: "because I want to energize the space I'm always choose so intense wall paint colors, like orange but it is not a bright orange, but with subtle shades of terracotta, very sophisticated, and radiates heat, so that everyone will feel good. "- John Loecke 

Wall paint color ideas: Turquoise

beautiful wall paint color ideas - Turquoise
"Choosing a shade of blue-green as single wall paint colors is much easier, because when you paint all four walls, the color vibrates out of it and multiply, and ends up being something you did not expect. Painting only one wall gives an element strong without being overwhelming I like this turquoise color, which makes me think I'm on a beach. "-. Jason Bell 

Pale Green

creative wall paint colors - pale green bedroom
"The pale green is a bit unexpected in a bedroom, but it is also very relaxing and serene. green as a wall paint color creates a good backdrop for dreaming. Putting it on a wall was enough. faced the 
room a focus. It looks so cool with that beautiful mirror door. " - Michael Richman 

Coral - popular paint colors for one wall

wall paint colors - coral wall in white room
"Painting one wall a deep color behind a seating group enables you to define a seating area, something like a rug, but on the wall A prominent wall can also replace windows or a fireplace you could not paint,. Relatively cheap and totally reversible, so it gives a little less afraid to do something bold and interesting, like this coral, it is easier to change than a sofa in a similar tone. " - Steven Sclaroff