6 tricks for small kitchen to visually enlarge the space

When you think of a small kitchen will probably come to mind ideas as a tight working space, a small table and barely have room for the essentials .

Small kitchen ideas and tricks to visually enlarge the space

small kitchen ideas to enlarge the small space
but does not have to be! Small kitchens can also be functional and efficient. There are many ways to get a sense of spaciousness without pulling down the walls as these six small kitchen ideas and tricks that make the small kitchen look bigger, long narrow kitchen, i hop you like this ideas for small kitchens

Choose small kitchen appliances

small kitchen ideas: small appliances 
When you're in a small kitchen ideas, every inch of space is important. That's something to keep in mind during all stages of the design process, including the choice of kitchen appliances . This is the case in my own home, so I opted for a small refrigerator instead of a large refrigerator, and a kitchen with only two burners instead of four. 

Small kitchen lighting

small kitchen lighting ideas and tricks

Small kitchen ideas: If you're lucky enough to have natural light in the kitchen, or if you need some electrical help, it is important to keep your small kitchen well lit With adequate lighting, even the smallest kitchen can look great and attractive, and add just a little light can create the illusion of more space.

Small kitchen ideas: Create an illusion

small kitchen ideas: diagonally kitchen tiles
Sometimes the little things are what make the difference, and this is especially true when it comes to designing small spaces. another creative one of our small kitchen ideas is: Instead of placing the floor tiles horizontally, you will make your kitchen look larger if you place the tiles diagonally. While it may involve the use of a little more material, it will make the kitchen look more spacious and inviting worth the investment of time and extra effort.

Glass in small kitchen

small kitchen cabinets with glass doors
Preferring glass doors of small kitchen cabinets instead of more solid materials can actually enlarge the small space. However, keep in mind what you put inside cabinets, because if  it's untidy inside it will cause the opposite effect, and can really make the kitchen look smaller.

small kitchen storage

small kitchen ideas
small kitchen storage ideas
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In a small kitchen, storage space is the key. Opt for deep countertops to have extra work space and wall mounted microwave oven instead of supporting it on the counter.

directs at the ceiling

creative small kitchen ideas and tricks
one of the most important small kitchen ideas:  a way to give an impression of greater amplitude is directing the eye upward, toward the ceiling. By incorporating visual elements that make people look up, you'll be giving the impression of more space. Find ways to include vertical elements in the design of your kitchenette, and accents placed near the ceiling to draw the eye upward. The effect will amaze you! (small kitchen ideas)