20 bedroom designs with wood wall (expert tips)

Wood all panels for bedroom

The bedroom should be a calming and inviting - and what creates a relaxed ambiance better than the warm wood color? Whether rustic look with recycled ash, or rather a tasteful wall paneling oak panels - now you have many options to choose from. And who says that wood wall paneling looks old-fashioned, or much does it cost, is actually wrong. Just the opposite - often this is a cost-effective alternative to expensive stone slabs. We offer as inspiration for the establishment of their own bedroom 26 stylish bedroom designs with wood walls.

artistic wood wall panels in minimalist bedroom

20 Master bedroom designs and ideas in neutral colors

As a neutral color refers to any combination of white, black and gray. While Brown does not belong necessarily to be include, this color often to the neutral color palette. Neutral color palettes do not appear on the color wheel and often serve as a backdrop for vibrant colors such as purple, blue and green. If neutral colors dominate in the bedroom, then there is a bedroom design that promotes peaceful sleep. Check out our inspirational master bedroom designs of Decor Zone and see for yourself!

creative master bedroom ideas

creative master bedroom designs - decorative shelves and lighting

25 functional bedroom wall decor ideas and options

Bedroom wall decor nowadays is always important. The individual preferences and inspirations you want to find on the wall in the coolest area of relaxation in our bedroom. Some love bold colors, while others prefer monochrome walls and abstract art where the contours of the door almost disappear. A few great bedroom wall decor ideas and the color scheme in the sleeping area you will find in this article.

Wallpaper as bedroom wall decor

unusual bedroom wall decor ideas - creative wallpaper designs

One-bedroom studio apartment design with open interior

What can be done in a standard studio apartment when you are cut into their fantasies. Tatiana Pichugin was able to create from a small studio apartment, spacious and bright studio apartment design. 

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Studio apartment design ideas in modern style

small studio apartment design - bedroom with bed headboard

Pink kids bedroom ideas with bathroom

Kids bedroom in any case should be special. Here every detail matters, which will emphasize comfort, create mood and delight your kids. Particular attention should be paid to the kids bedroom furniture, such as done in this room. Quite a small corner table, a lot of multicolored fabrics, comfortable sofa, plenty of shelves and a private bathroom. every little girl dreams about this room. 

Kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs in pink

pink kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs

Well organized kitchen interior design in modern style

Well, when the kitchen is located in a large room. There is a quite different flight of fancy. You can make an island for cooking, squeeze the maximum amount of equipment and do some work areas that the kitchen can serve several people. 

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In this embodiment of the kitchen interior design you should pay attention to the color combination. Although the kitchen with red - a difficult option, in this case, the hosts managed to connect the red and white in the correct proportions to get really stylish kitchen interior design. 

Kitchen interior design with good organization 

kitchen interior design, light brown cabinets

Modern apartment design in purple shades

Purple was very popular in 2012-2013. Then the designers tried to create space with all shades of purple. It is believed that this color should be soothing and relaxing, but it all depends on the tone. If purple is tender, then surely your apartment design will be a good place for relaxation after work. But if it is more saturated color, such as in this apartment, the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise your apartment interior will put pressure on you. 

Purple apartment design with modern interior

Modern apartment design: purple colors of the interior

20 Blue bedroom ideas and designs for inspiration

Blue - one of the few colors that are selected for the bedroom designs. Basically it makes the room more traditional, such as red with white, black with red or simply from various light colors. Rarely resorted to blue, but in fact this color symbolizes the dream and ideal. blue bedroom designs have a feeling of lightness and calm. so, we combined a collection of blue bedroom ideas to carry out in your bedroom.

blue bedroom ideas - beige bed and white blue wallpaper

Top catalog of Wallpaper designs in Art Nouveau interior

Modern pretty fashionable and sought-after design direction in the present world and the wallpaper designs in Art Nouveau style in the interior look charming and thus can be decorated with different styles. In the examples, you can get acquainted with the paintings, which depict a plurality of trunks of mighty trees. Also here you will find the beautiful spring wallpaper patterns with blossoming buds and songbirds, as opposed to those of natural motifs among the options presented there are frequent geometric patterns with lines, squares and other shapes. Modern style versatile, so among the photos you will meet with African motifs wool zebra, over which the image is applied modern femme lady. I hope that these wallpaper designs inspire you and meet your needs.

Wallpaper designs and patterns for Art Nouveau style

Modern wallpaper designs and patterns for light interior

Comfortable kitchen interior design in light colors

Light kitchen interior design - a good solution for those who have a small apartment. Light colors visually create a sense of ease, comfort and lightness. In this case, the bright kitchen interior design is selected for harmony with the dark flooring, appliances and furniture. 

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Kitchen design with light interior colors

kitchen interior design - pale yellow kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen interior design in bright colors

Bright kitchen interior design is rare in modern apartments. Most often you can find plain and monotonous kitchen where any one or two colors predominantly prevail. This kitchen exception. It is not only looks cool, but also can serve as an inspiration for you to decorate your little kitchen.
colorful kitchen interior design - Bright chairs combined with a small white table, chandelier and red colored pillows on the couch immediately help you to relax

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Bright kitchen interior design or inspiration

Modern kitchen interior design ideas in bright colors
Bright chairs combined with a small white table, chandelier and red colored pillows on the couch immediately help you to relax. Great addition to the whole bright kitchen colors interior design: a bright multi colored pattern located over breakfast area and a simple conversation over a cup of tea. For more serious events, such as a family dinner, making the guests, there is a large stern table, which dilutes all the ease of this colorful kitchen interior design .

 modern kitchen interior design
kitchen interior design with white cabinets and colorful dining chairs

kitchen decorating ideas in bright colors

Colorful studio apartment design in Taiwanese city

In today's article we bring to you a great apartment design in Taiwan's Kaohsiung, it's a colorful studio apartment design full of bright colors of decorations and walls.
"In residential projects, the color is probably one of the key elements, which also has a good cost-effectiveness. Our client - a young teacher, energetic person with a positive attitude. She wanted her apartment design was cheery and bright. For this apartment we apply a color scheme MACARON. Soft shades of furniture and fragments of walls create a fresh space and positive atmosphere, "- says the designer.

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Swedish apartment interior design with light interior

Apartment design - colorful furniture and interior decoration

apartment design with colorful living room interior

Swedish apartment interior design with light interior

Swedish apartment design, where a lot of free space. Bright spots scattered throughout the apartment various interior items. Otherwise, all are decorated in soothing tones.

In the kitchen of this apartment design there are chairs in two colors. Looks great, especially when they are surrounded with almost all the other items in white, even bricks.

In the nursery there is no bright colors. All colors are very relaxing. Across the room, scattered toys, but they do not spoil the clean interior. 

Simple apartment design in Swedish style 

apartment design ideas - Swedish white living room

25 living room decorating ideas in bright colors

Currently living room - it's not just a place for the reception, this is the main room for all family members. Note that the color scheme for the living room should be like your home.

Modern designers much arguing about what color scheme should be used in living room decorating ideas. Some say that this room must be made in soft green, blue and beige shades. Shades of brown and umber bring a sense of peace in the atmosphere of the living room. Others argue that the living room decorating ideas should be carried out in bright colors. Bright coral, pearl and sand can make you cheer up after a busy day. Shades of yellow-green range can create positive attitude. These colors help you to relax and feel comfortable.

The main element of the living room can be any large piece of furniture such as a sofa. Pick a sofa with unusual shape and design. In terms of color, there are no restrictions. It can be orange, blue, burgundy sofa.  

Living room decorating ideas and designs in bright colors

living room decorating ideas bright colors of furniture and walls

Decorative wall shelves: 20 ideas for all rooms

This collection of decorative wall shelves are a great idea to decorate an empty wall or to divide and define spaces. on them you can place books and other small items. ...
They can be an important and decisive part in the style of decoration, some other fine are thick, can be of various colors and various materials.
There are many types of decorative wall shelves . in modern design , classic, rustic or very original ways. They can be simple item for a minimalist decoration.

creative decorative wall shelves ideas and designs

decorative wall shelves for living room in minimalism style
In today's article I provide you with photo selection of some decorative wall shelves that you make them yourself at home , we hope that this collection will inspire you and you will like one of these pictures, in this case share this post to help your friends.

stand alone decorative shelves with creative design
decorative wall shelves for decorating the dining area

decorative wall shelves with creative design above living room sofa
decorative shelves designed for living room corner
decorative wall shelves with streamlined design
decorative wall shelves in modern interior

circular decorative shelves for room zoning
decorative wall shelves in modern kitchen design

7 Wall painting techniques and ideas for modern home

If the desire to always remain 'in trend' for you sounds good, today's topic dedicated to wall painting techniques with geometric patterns, is very urgent. So, we will explain what the patterns are now experiencing the peak of its popularity, as well as where and how much they should be used in the interior.

Saturation of colors, which you will use in these wall painting techniques and ideas, is crucial. So, bright colors combined with graphic forms on the surface of the walls is better to use caution, for example, highlighting with them one of the areas of the room (dining room, sitting room, a game in the nursery, a washroom in the bathroom).
Geometric patterns are always very independent and do not accept competition from other subjects and objects. For example, the walls painted a spectacular picture "zigzag" in the hallway, will be enough to supplement accurate banquettes and a mirror in the compact frame.
Than paler and less attached to the walls geometric pattern, the more walls you can decorate them.

Wall painting techniques and patterns 

zigzag wall painting techniques or bedroom walls

15 Bedroom design ideas in red color combinations

For Red lovers, we compiled toy you a collection of photos for bedroom design ideas, all these ideas are in red color shades and color combinations

First, it is worth mentioning that the red color in the bedroom design is not for everyone. Often these red bedroom design ideas are suitable for energetic, active and very ordinary people. This is due to the fact that the red color has a strong stimulating effect, relaxing in the bedroom will not work. But this disadvantage is offset by the fact that it stimulates the red displays of affection and seduction :) 
using red color in the bedroom design should be extremely cautious, not necessarily immediately repaint all the bedroom walls, for starters, try to add a few elements: bedding, lampshade, pillow , vase for colors. If your experiment is successful, it is possible to go further and apply it to a more significant piece of furniture and decor.

If you are not so radical in order to plunge into the color of passion, try using a few other related colors, such as pink or muted shades of burgundy in the bedroom design ideas.

Red bedroom design ideas and color combinations

Before applying these bedroom design ideas, do not forget that the red color in the bedroom suppresses the other colors and also makes room seem smaller than it actually is. That is why the painting of the walls in red is more suitable for bedroom designs with high ceilings and large areas.

bedroom design ideas - Red bed and lampshades

8 small living room decorating ideas with small budget

Do you have a small living room? No problem. Take advantage of these decorating tips to inspire you to design the space you want to live, however small. You do not need large space or to decorate the living if you know the secrets of organization and decoration of a small rooms .

small living room decorating ideas for inspiration

small living room decorating ideas in minimalism style
small living room decorating ideas without budget

Plasterboard suspended ceiling systems for the kitchen

Kitchen - a room with its own characteristics. when choosing material for kitchen ceiling, it is necessary to take into account all the features of this room. This article will tell readers about the use of plasterboard in the kitchen ceiling. Can anyone mount plasterboard suspended ceiling systems in the kitchen? It's not as difficult as it may seem. gypsum board designs for ceiling 2015

Plasterboard suspended ceiling advantages and disadvantages

simple kitchen suspended ceiling systems with suspended chandeliers

6 Creative dressing table designs for small bedrooms

If you have a small room that doesn't mean that you haven't wide range of choices, today we bring to you a collection of white Dressing table designs and ideas that suit the small bedrooms as they take a small place in the room and also give the room a touch of elegance and modernity.

White dressing table designs and ideas

white dressing table design with folding mirror for small bedroom

Living room wall art Ideas: 20 Posters and paintings

The posters of the living room wall art often depict famous people - singers, musicians, actors and centerfold, at least - broadcasters, athletes, politicians, etc. However, the posters may show anything from the popular people, beautiful scenery and photos of animals, ending with jewelry, labels, personal photos, and even advertising slogans.

Living room wall art - Posters in the color of pillows

10 Unique false ceiling designs made of gypsum board

Modern construction technologies and a variety of finishing materials allow you to create unique false ceiling designs. The article reveals the pros of finishing the gypsum board false ceiling and gives a description of some designs of the gypsum board ceiling.
Today, practical and comfortable gypsum board mandatory material for the repair and decoration of the ceiling. With this building material you can create unusual and original false ceiling designs, which can stress the uniqueness of the interior of any room.
New technology used for finishing the ceiling , and materials are constantly updated. One of them is the gypsum board. At the moment, there are many designs of gypsum board false ceiling designs. Experts Crafted several major advantages of using this building material:
The speed of work
Noise-and heat insulation
Cheap price and availability of the material
Easy to operate
Using gypsum board in the false ceiling allows a perfect hide of all surface irregularities under it convenient to hide the electrical wiring. Specialists can offer you several design options to choose from.

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Modern false ceiling designs - gypsum board catalog

modern false ceiling design of gypsum board with creative lighting system

modern dressing table with mirror: 15 creative designs

Dressing table with mirror - 15 designs in modern style
Dressing table with mirror is associated with the life of a wealthy aristocrat who lived a century ago. However, this piece of furniture is so comfortable that now living lady willingly "lodge" it in their boudoirs and bedrooms.

modern dressing table with mirror in gray and golden combination 

20 White living room design ideas : colorful decorations

Additional bright color in white living room design adds savory notes, will bring richness and diversity.
Colored elements should not be much, it is enough colored pillows or colorful books on the shelves, colorful dishes.

white living room design and wooden decorations

top 10 shoe storage boxes and benches

last week one of our followers was asking for an article about the shoe storage boxes and benches. so, today's article focus on shoe storage, we offer a collection of designs and ideas for shoe storage benches and boxes.

shoe storage boxes, shoe storage bench ideas

If in the hallway you provided special place for shoes, and it is littered with shoes in all sizes and styles. Then the end of each season turns to torture, because you need to attach a brushed and dried shoes, so it does not gathering dust under your feet. Especially that fashionable women who have huge collections, need not just tables but shoe storage boxes and shoe storage bench.

shelves with shoe storage boxes

15 Black and White living room designs and ideas

White living room design can be one of the most comfortable places in the entire apartment, as bright colors create a sense of space and lightness in the interior.
The many shades of white can create a practical way to decorate the living room for everyone. Floors better to be made of more practical material, for example, bright tiled. Ceilings can be suspended with integrated lighting - it will add space and spaciousness. Also the white in living room design is very nice and gently when it is combined with different colors, and light it to stand out pieces of furniture.

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Black and white living room design ideas

black and white living room designs and decorating ideas

Trendy living room wallpaper ideas, colors, patterns and types

Living room as the heart of the apartment or house, reflects the nature of life and the status of the hosts. Therefore it is very important to choose the right design and the interior of your living room, which will give the impression of you. Then, that the "dressed" living room is the calling card for the room itself and for you. When choosing the living room wallpaper ideas, you need to initially consider what atmosphere you want to create and how to make an impression.

Which living room wallpaper color to choose?

creative pattern of wallpaper for living room

20 Bedroom designs and ideas in modern style

There are many styles that can be used in bedroom designs. Many people prefer traditional or romantic options for the bedroom, which can be decorated with a rich variety of beautiful furniture and accessories. But what about modern bedroom designs? Exhaustive answer to this question you can get if you look at the options which are located below.

Modern bedroom designs and ideas

modern bedroom designs - floor and headboard of the same material

Modern bedroom designs, furniture and decorating ideas

after reading this article you will able to design your own bedroom in the modern style with the help of 40 modern bedroom designs and tips
In today's world everything is modern. And it has long affected the design and interior of our homes. Modern bedroom designs are astonishingly stylistic variety. When choosing a contemporary style often use modern, with its practicality, simplicity and comfort. Also the high-tech is preferred, with its bright and light tones, Art Nouveau, which forms a smooth and intricate. The difference between these styles a minimal amount of furniture, modern accessories and light atmosphere.

Modern bedroom decorating ideas

The modern bedroom designs are characterized by complete freedom in the use of light combinations, as long as it is still combined. In the selection of materials there are no restrictions it may be natural or and synthetic.

modern bedroom designs, furniture and decorating ideas

5 modern bedroom designs in turquoise color

In today's article I bring a photo gallery of bedroom designs in turquoise color, intense, bold and innovative with serenity and calm color. A Lot of people love this color so you can see it everywhere, it makes us feel that we are in the majestic ocean. 
when turquoise used in bedroom designs, it's said that it has a calming effect when used in lighter shades, however when it's used in darker shades, it makes an appeal.

modern bedroom designs in turquoise color combinations
today we have chosen some bedroom designs in turquoise tones that will inspire you to achieve a bedroom design with balance between turquoise and neutral room to have a very charming room.

white bedroom designs with turquoise wall and mattress

Modern false ceiling with LED lighting system

Here is a gypsum false ceiling design ideal for those who love open spaces. The false ceiling goes perfectly with open rooms, as you see the false ceiling full of spots and also Contains a LED lighting system. The false ceiling with white complexion thereby reflect light in every corner of the room and makes it brighter. With this coating you enjoy the feeling of freedom and peace. I hope you love this new false ceiling design for open rooms.

False ceiling design with lights for open rooms.

gypsum false ceiling design with LED lights for open rooms

30 small bedroom storage ideas

because we look for to meet your needs in your interior design, today we present to you one of the most useful articles , we provide you with a great collection of small bedroom storage ideas, different ideas for storing all kinds of things, these storage ideas help you to keep your bedroom clean and comfortable despite the large number of things that you stored it in the room.
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 we launched a large-scale series under the title "The organization of space", it includes 12 galleries and more than 300 pictures with ideas for rational and creative keeping things in different rooms of the house. thanks to this series we made a special page "all about the order in the house" . Now it has more than 30 galleries on this topic, even those involving the storage of things that you do not suspect. Now we are ready to share with you a complete set of creative small bedroom storage ideas.
small bedroom storage ideas, bed headboard with shelves
small bedroom storage ideas, bed headboard with shelves

creative bedroom paint color ideas

today's article focuses on the bedroom paint colors, we present to you some paint color ideas for your bedroom designing and updating and photo collection for these bedroom paint color ideas.
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update your bedroom with paint colors ideas

Maybe this year you want to change something in your house? Why not update the bedroom? After all, you see its walls when you go to sleep and wake up. you need to start the day in a good mood, so choose the wall paint color that will please you. Today we provide you with four variants of bedroom paint color ideas . you must choose your preferred color shade. don't worry to choose any color from modern to classic, it's your one bedroom, you will breathe new life and energy into your bedroom. Soothing but inspiring.

bedroom paint colors, blue bedroom walls
bedroom paint colors, blue bedroom walls