Comfortable kitchen interior design in light colors

Light kitchen interior design - a good solution for those who have a small apartment. Light colors visually create a sense of ease, comfort and lightness. In this case, the bright kitchen interior design is selected for harmony with the dark flooring, appliances and furniture. 

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Kitchen design with light interior colors

kitchen interior design - pale yellow kitchen cabinets
The bright kitchen design is an extension of the living room, so one part is given over to a dining area, and the second part is the area for food preparation.

comfortable kitchen design and small dining area
The dining chairs are not much, but it is enough for a cozy breakfast in solitude or with your partner. For the larger family space here is not enough.

Apron from a white brick looks great and creates fashionable nowadays pattern.

The kitchen interior design is divided into two zones. One for cooking, one for storing utensils and unnecessary things.

The place to hob, extractor and fridge is opposite the sink, which allows very fast to work with two zone simultaneously.