Well organized kitchen interior design in modern style

Well, when the kitchen is located in a large room. There is a quite different flight of fancy. You can make an island for cooking, squeeze the maximum amount of equipment and do some work areas that the kitchen can serve several people. 

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In this embodiment of the kitchen interior design you should pay attention to the color combination. Although the kitchen with red - a difficult option, in this case, the hosts managed to connect the red and white in the correct proportions to get really stylish kitchen interior design. 

Kitchen interior design with good organization 

kitchen interior design, light brown cabinets
modern kitchen interior design in large room, the good organization enables the hosts to reach the maximum use of the space.

modern kitchen interior design - spice storage ideas
kitchen interior design ideas - dining area with small white furniture

kitchen interior design idea of spice storage
kitchen design ideas - acrylic countertop
modern kitchen interior design - sliding drawers for storage