Modern apartment design in purple shades

Purple was very popular in 2012-2013. Then the designers tried to create space with all shades of purple. It is believed that this color should be soothing and relaxing, but it all depends on the tone. If purple is tender, then surely your apartment design will be a good place for relaxation after work. But if it is more saturated color, such as in this apartment, the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise your apartment interior will put pressure on you. 

Purple apartment design with modern interior

Modern apartment design: purple colors of the interior
New apartment design in modern style, the main thing in this interior is the purple shades in all rooms of it, this apartment will inspire you if you are going to decorate yours

comfortable apartment design with purple living room furniture
As they say in " LK Furniture "best in the interior with bright colors to focus on any one subject. For example, in the living room in this apartment design, the emphasis is on relaxation area and negotiations. But in the hallway too bright. Does not matter in the morning you go to work or back home from somewhere, but in the hallway you will always be on your toes. It invigorates and its brightness is not conducive to relaxation procedures. 

modern apartment design ideas - combination of purple blue colors
Very important when  the colors used in the apartment design are several bright colors. In this case, the kitchen should be designed with typography and blue drawers and a sitting area with a purple couch. Since in this flat enough space, then the mixture of colors is not so visible. But in general, to hide the brightness, the rest of the decor needs to be done in gentle tones. 

apartment design - bedroom with false ceiling and wooden floor
When choosing the color of the interior of your apartment design best to consult a professional designer. We are in Decor Zone are sure that it is best to get a small paid consultation than to do errors in the colored interiors. This project is a good confirmation of this. If not for the hand of the designer, then combining several colors in one room hardly managed to novice. 

bathroom brown bricks in purple apartment design

dressing room of purple apartment design