Pink kids bedroom ideas with bathroom

Kids bedroom in any case should be special. Here every detail matters, which will emphasize comfort, create mood and delight your kids. Particular attention should be paid to the kids bedroom furniture, such as done in this room. Quite a small corner table, a lot of multicolored fabrics, comfortable sofa, plenty of shelves and a private bathroom. every little girl dreams about this room. 

Kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs in pink

pink kids bedroom ideas and furniture designs
Another one of the kids bedroom ideas that especially worth mentioning is textiles. Delicate tones of pink combinations with less bright colors. All this creates a favorable atmosphere for the child, combine the colors so that they relax and helps the child to rest. 

kids bedroom ideas in oink color shades
white kids bedroom furniture of pink room
In this kids bedroom ideas footage it is not very big. Total 4.5*6.8 meters, but thanks to the correct location of furniture, it seems that in this room still could fit a double bed. To make room interior finished to the couch was matched by a small chair to the guests who will come to the child sat on the floor and comfortably housed, who on the couch, and someone on the chair. Also, for ease of use, the owners have not forgotten about the little chair that will help the child to orient himself in a large closet and not ask someone from the parents to get something from the last shelf, isn't it a great kids bedroom idea?. 

the main one of our kids bedroom ideas today: The bathroom is all too girlish. There is a special table where you can freshen up, brush my teeth and wash my face. The bathroom itself and toilet are located far enough from each other. you can not only turn around, but in the future, something else to put here. 

kids bedroom ideas for storing toys and things
pink kids bedroom furniture - built in closet