One-bedroom studio apartment design with open interior

What can be done in a standard studio apartment when you are cut into their fantasies. Tatiana Pichugin was able to create from a small studio apartment, spacious and bright studio apartment design. 

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Studio apartment design ideas in modern style

small studio apartment design - bedroom with bed headboard
studio apartment design ideas - bedroom wall with storage cupboards
The studio apartment design is bright and white furniture is used to better emphasize the different residential areas. she especially want to highlight the brickwork, which was used in the bedroom and hallway - it looks great in combination with other things in the interior. We hasten to note that the main room of the studio apartment design was divided into two parts in order to create an area for relaxing and entertaining. The living room is implemented real creative atmosphere. Here every day, you can create something special on the graphite wall, thereby affecting their own mood. 

studio apartment design ideas - living room sofa drawers
In the kitchen of this small apartment design, it's already small, she barely managed to create a sense of space, freedom, thanks to the movement of the entire work area to the two walls and the complete liberation of the rest of the room. 

studio apartment design - TV wall with large closets and drawers

Overall Pichugina Tatiana managed to create a successful project for the majority of one-bedroom studio apartment designs that now exist on the market. 

studio apartment design ideas - small dining are with tree wall stickers