Swedish apartment interior design with light interior

Swedish apartment design, where a lot of free space. Bright spots scattered throughout the apartment various interior items. Otherwise, all are decorated in soothing tones.

In the kitchen of this apartment design there are chairs in two colors. Looks great, especially when they are surrounded with almost all the other items in white, even bricks.

In the nursery there is no bright colors. All colors are very relaxing. Across the room, scattered toys, but they do not spoil the clean interior. 

Simple apartment design in Swedish style 

apartment design ideas - Swedish white living room
In general, the apartment design is remarkable that not every room is a logical continuation of the previous, as it usually happens. The bathroom is quite different from all others, and if you look in the bedroom, the general impression that you are in the normal interior of a city apartment, somewhere in Moscow.

apartment design and light interior colors
Apartment design ideas - colorful kitchen chairs

brown bedroom curtains of Swedish apartment design
white apartment interior design and black bathroom tiles