25 coffee table design ideas for modern living room

Coffee table in the living room is a must. Magazines, coffee, books and remote controls should be always handy. Whether round, oval, rectangular or square, the living room coffee table designs should be not only functional but also visually appealing. Then designers attach great importance nowadays. We offer you a collection of 25 coffee table designs and ideas that would bring style and creativity into every living room.

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The coffee table can be a work of art in the living room. An expression of your personal taste. The selection of shapes, sizes and materials is quite large and the decision are difficult. The right coffee table design plays a major role and should be coordinated with the interior style in your living room. coffee table designs can simultaneously provide storage space and are available as an elaborate decorative object in the living room.

Modern coffee table designs ideas

smoked glass coffee table design in modern living room

15 Solid wood coffee table designs and ideas

A seating area is mainly arranged with sofa, armchair and footstool more or less in a rectangle form. In the middle of the classic arrangement the majesty the coffee table perched. Only this makes the furniture fully seat. Depending on the design preferences and personal style means there are coffee table designs in various models and materials. The solid wood coffee table that fits almost any style of living Especially popular is.

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The coffee table as a unidirectional component is often underestimated - but without it our seating area would be unfinished. Ideally, the solid wood coffee table is height adjustable and also takes a lot of accessories. For example, The solid wood coffee table in solid wood on the above picture hiding magazines and accessories built in the same subjects.

Solid wood coffee table ideas

artistic solid wood coffee table in minimalist interior

15 Living room designs with stone wall panels

Living room designs with stone wall

Stone is in the last few years very popular and is used both internally and externally. A stone wall in the living room , whether as a mantelpiece or simply as an accent wall, can totally change the room and make it worthy of the pages of interior magazines. So you can enjoy the beauty of the stone under your own home, you have no walls to tear down, but easy to dress with stone panels. The stone wall panels come in many shapes, colors and sizes and are suitable for every style - from modern to industrial.

Original stone wall panels in white living room with fireplace 

15 Unusual furniture designs for your living room

Discover with us the beautiful new interior design ideas for living room. Look for the perfect living room furniture designs in our exclusive selection of the right furniture and home accessories of known quality brands, underline your style and individual taste. 

Do you feel your old chair at home is uncomfortable? Need new wind in your living room? We present 15 amazing single living room furniture designs for your home, which act as unusual decor and shine with their timeless look. These give the home interior a new and unique flair.

Creative living room furniture designs ideas

creative living room furniture designs and ideas