15 Living room designs with stone wall panels

Living room designs with stone wall

Stone is in the last few years very popular and is used both internally and externally. A stone wall in the living room , whether as a mantelpiece or simply as an accent wall, can totally change the room and make it worthy of the pages of interior magazines. So you can enjoy the beauty of the stone under your own home, you have no walls to tear down, but easy to dress with stone panels. The stone wall panels come in many shapes, colors and sizes and are suitable for every style - from modern to industrial.

Original stone wall panels in white living room with fireplace 
white living room design and single stone wall
Modern living room design with TV stone wall

Stone wall panels for living room

Dark stone wall panels in black and white living room design
Whether you want to start the living room design of zero or make a renovation, drag the idea of a stone wall in the living room into consideration. The stone wall panels that are on the market to see from so authentic that you can hardly see the difference between original and imitation. The installation is also fast and could only be done in a weekend. In today's article I'm going to show you several residential inspirations for stone wall panels in living room.

white stone wall panels and black furniture and floor
stone wall panels for modern interior style
small stone wall with fireplace in minimalist living room