blue bedroom ideas, designs, furniture, accessories, paint color combinations

Blue bedroom furniture designs, paint color ideas and accessories

today we are talking about the blue bedroom interior design and we present to you a variety of blue bedroom ideas, blue bedroom designs, furniture, paint color combinations, textiles, pillows, bedroom rugs, accessories, curtains and bedroom wallpaper
Blue - the color of cool, clean and fresh. that makes it a favorite color of those designers who prefer to create a very light and bright interiors and modern European style. However, blue has other advantages: it calms and soothes, relaxes and energizes optimism. These qualities enabled the blue hues to take the leading position in the palette of popular colors for the bedroom.
blue bedroom wallpaper for small bedrooms, curtains, furniture,

false ceiling designs for living room : photos, structure, lighting

this article presents to you a detailed overview about pop false ceiling designs for living room, it presents to you a collection of modern false ceiling designs for living room for 2014 and more information about materials and lighting
Gypsum board design catalogue wall partition designs

false ceiling designs for living room - structure
round false ceiling designs for living room made of gypsum with multi-level lighting
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25 Modern POP false ceiling designs for living room

somehow or another, we all seek to beautify our home, and the living room that is one of the main rooms we give more attention to decorate it, display it and enjoy with family and friends.
one of the many ideas for creating an impact living room is installing POP false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems, it is considered a decorative alternative specially or who have a living room with high ceiling

false ceiling designs made of POP are a great aesthetic solution to the living room interior, that make an atmosphere with elegance and exclusivity, there is a variety of materials, colors, shapes, patterns and lighting systems for false ceiling designs , and some of the are with stunning 3D effects

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you can install false ceiling designs in a variety of materials: POP, gypsum board, wood, fiber and aluminium. the choice depends on the style of the living room interior and the budget allocated

POP false ceiling designs are often installed in various areas of the living room, it's usually installed in the middle or toward an area of the wall creating a great focal point.
in the ceiling of the central area, designers include integrated lighting or some color shades on the panels, and also include various decorative ceiling tray with creative shapes

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POP false ceiling designs for living room: photo gallery

POP false ceiling designs with purple lighting system

3D wall panels ideas, materials and installation tips

it is the embodiment of Greek ideas in the modern version. Since the development of humanity it is a permanent condition, the current way of bringing exclusive in the interior design is highly practical and affordable. today we are talking about the 3D wall panels, with a photo collection for ideas and designs, and tips for its installation

Why 3D wall art panels for the interior?

3D technology burst into our lives in the form of films, affecting our reality. creating a three-dimensional space, and blurs the boundaries of this fantasy world, gradually migrated to the design of modern interiors. 3D panels in the interior solve simultaneously practical and aesthetic problems. They can be used for zoning premises, arrangement partitions, decorative wiring, treatment of small defects in the walls. In addition, they help to quickly and easily arrange the interior according to your personal preferences.
3D panels can cover entire walls, completely changing the space of the room. For example, by selecting the 3D surround gypsum board with horizontal pattern, the room will be visually more elongated and wide. If it is necessary to visually enlarge the room height, it is recommended to use the panels with vertical patterns.
Those who wish to help the interior with small changes, should look at the 3D wall panels technology. Panel of this type are characterized by small size and compactness. They can be used as a decoration of any zone focusing and bringing some color to the overall style. they are often used as a background, such as home theater , furniture, etc. However, they may act and an independent element of the interior, it is enough to select the right texture and pattern. Also, they look very expressive and stylish, supplemented lighting.

3D wall panels, wall lighting

15 innovate small kitchen storage ideas 2015

Today's article focuses on the problem of small area in the kitchen, so we recommend to you a variety of small kitchen storage ideas 2015 for the kitchen cupboards, cabinets, drawers and tables

small kitchen storage ideas for cupboards, cabinets, drawers and tables

 small kitchen storage ideas
small kitchen storage ideas
kitchen island gets new features, if you give preference to open shelves to make essential things remain freely available. 
On an example of a kitchen island consists almost exclusively of open shelves, which, among other things, make the island more visually light and open.

Drawer narrow boxes (cargo) are mainly found in our kitchens in a single copy for bottles and other high containers. These drawers are also ideal for storing food in glass and cans. Advantage is the large cargo capacity in a very small area. Place the drawer on the upper level - and small containers will always be at eye level.

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small kitchen storage ideas for dishes

small kitchen storage ideas
dishes storage ideas, small kitchen storage ideas
Typically, in addition to the duty set of cookware that is used every day, there is at least one or more sets that accrue from distant only on special occasions.  long narrow kitchen ideas, for example, a sliding roomy drawer fitted with special straps with suction cups that surround the pile with dishes and safeguard them from damage.

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towel placement, small kitchen storage ideas

As we have seen, cargo - very versatile. Here is one possible application of it - can be stored on the rungs of paper and cloth towels.