15 functional ideas for living room designs with open kitchen

 The living room with open kitchen is one of the trendy living room design ideas this year. Although this openness offers many opportunities and also many challenges. How to merge colors and design elements in this open space? Check out our examples that have many living room design ideas and tips from experts, all of them are about living room with open kitchen and learn how to create a comfortable feeling in open space.

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Modern living room design ideas for living room with open kitchen

Living room with open kitchens
 Living room with open kitchens

Living room with open kitchens 2
The key to success is to set up a living room with open kitchen  to bind the two together visually by colors.This doesn't  mean that you have to paint all your  walls in the same color, but choose a color palette for the entire room. For example, if you want to get a flavored with natural ambiance, choose green and wood tones and put them into two areas. Add matching home accessories, repeat these colors and check our living room design ideas.
Living room design ideas for living room with kitchen - connect visually by color

living room design
In a modern living room design for living room with open kitchen, all furniture must be in the same style. A rustic country kitchen doesn't fit with modern living room furniture. Make sure that your sofa in front and rear looks good because the open floor plan, it sometimes stands in the middle of the room instead of being to the wall as in our living room design ideas, so that all sides are visible. Use furniture that is visually separate areas such as open breakfast bar with stools or bookshelves.
Check our living room design ideas for living room with open kitchen.

living room design ideas

living room design ideas 4

living room design ideas 3

living room design ideas 2

Living room with open kitchens 3

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