Functional wall mounted shelving systems for small apartment

The interior designer Studio 360 cooperated for this challenge, and brings to you inspiring small apartment design ideas.

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how and where to install shelves in the bedroom

Wall mounted shelving systems for small apartment

wooden wall mounted shelving units in the bedroom

15 Small wooden bedside table designs in modern style

The bedroom is the room of our apartment, which reflects our personality in the best way. It should be cozy, comfortable and individually decorated. The bedroom furniture play a crucial role. The bedside wooden bedside table designs are very important as the bedside table is a column in the furniture pieces for each bedroom. The modern bedside table designs show that it's optimal sized, very compact and space-saving, and then you can make a book, glasses, mobile phone, a bedside lamp, so that the small bedside table designs are easily accessible to be next to the bed. Or place a beautiful decorative element - the options are plenty. In a bedroom furniture set, in addition to the wardrobe and the bed, this also includes the bedside tables . As with the other pieces of furniture, there is also a wide selection of wooden bedside table designs and finishes that will satisfy every taste!

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wooden bedside table designs - innovative designs

small bedside table designs, modern designed white bedside

20 Ideas for designing a small studio apartment

The small studio apartment is a great challenge. The careful planning with proper small studio apartment design is necessary to divide the living area to several areas with different functions. Let's see our small studio apartment ideas.

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small studio apartment ideas: design tips

small studio apartment ideas: small studio apartment with wall shelves

Great suggestions for corner shelving units- 20 ideas

Before a certain time I was invited into a house. When I entered the living room, I noticed the following: it was great design! The furniture pieces are perfect for wall design. The carpet is light and soft. There is a huge chandelier that has fallen right into the eye. The walls are very creatively designed - decorated with images of different shape and size. In addition to the leather sofa, there are two beautiful potted plants, which created a nature-friendly atmosphere. In this article you will see the importance of the corner shelving units. Despite all the strange and beautiful acting pieces of furniture and decorations I still missing something. At first I could not tell me - the whole interior of the room looked so chic and classy! And suddenly I noticed: one of the corners looked so empty. There is nothing there. No decoration items, no plant... I thought, " what if a beautiful corner shelving units put there! "

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New ideas for corner shelving units, wall mounted corner shelves

cool corner shelving units for walls 2015

Contemporary bedside tables: Tips and designs

Contemporary bedside tables are necessary in all modern and functionally furnished bedrooms. Next to the bed, the wardrobe, matching bedside table is an important piece of furniture that is very useful and also have a popularity. The contemporary bedside tables are handy and convenient because they are small and compact, which making them ideal for both large and small spaces. In this article we will show you many contemporary bedside tables for modern bedrooms.

Elegant contemporary bedside tables for bedrooms

elegant and modern design for contemporary bedside tables
classic design in dark colors for contemporary bedside tables 2015

Amazing sofa designs for small living room interiors

Not every owner of a large house or apartment is lucky. The Sofa bed is a practical alternative for small apartments, it provides additional seating, lounge area and it is also extremely practical and compact. We will show you modern sofa designs for small living rooms of the Bonaldo brand.

Amazing sofa designs for small living rooms interiors

sofa designs for small living rooms: pull-out sofa bed with extra bed

Small apartment decorating ideas: how to increase the space

Most of us live in small apartments. these  apartments are always a small kitchen, small rooms and low ceilings. Sometimes large apartments seem to be tiny because of its clutter. So, if you use the techniques of expansion space and avoid frills in the decoration, you can visually increase significantly the area of your apartment. In today's article we will provide you with small apartment decorating ideas.

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One-bedroom studio apartment design with open interior

Small apartment decorating ideas
small apartment bedroom ideas: white bedroom, wall shelves combine with kitchen

15 Kitchen island on wheels: elegance and functionality

Aesthetics, ergonomics and inviting warmth are the key words of the modern kitchen. And when they come together in a compact and elegant package, it is the kitchen island on wheels. Yes, there are many new additions and creative solutions for the kitchen area which can make your life much easier. The mobile kitchen island is one such supplement that is gaining a lot of popularity lately. The combination of efficiency with stylish design makes the kitchen islands on wheel chic supplement that can serve you well in more ways than one.

The kitchen island with wheels is an idea that has emerged from the large kitchen and offers cool carts for the modern kitchen, it doubles considerably the possibilities in a well-organized kitchen. So there are many options for any homeowner, that fits with any design style, color and design template that you have in your kitchen. The island can revive your environment on wheels there and bring a certain dose of youthful vitality to your kitchen.

Small and efficient kitchen island on wheels 

Wooden kitchen island on wheels in green color

15 Exclusive wooden wall panels and 3D wall paneling

Wood has a nice warm effect, which could not be missing in modern designs that characterized by stainless steel and glass. A natural wood tone can totally change a pure white kitchen or living room with dark gray suits. If you are also of the opinion that the wall should be more than just a backdrop for furniture and home accessories, then check out these fascinating wooden wall panels. With convincing modern structures and a clean color palette, 3D wall panels become real highlights in the room. 3D wall decor

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Decorative wooden wall panels with 3D design

3D wall panels with lighting accent

12 Striking bed headboard ideas for fresh bedroom interior

If you are looking for new fresh bed headboard ideas, you should stay with us. Our article today deal with the issue headboard. This interestingly designed headboard is an important part of interior design in the bedroom and can give an individual unique stroke of the device. Believe it or not, you do not need a lot of money, but your imagination and aesthetics are required. An individual and elegant bedroom you can enable with the help of creativity.

A great bed headboard ideas for modern home

bed headboard designs in green color

25 Fancy bedroom wall decor ideas for inspiration

There is no question - Bedroom is one of the best room in the apartment! One can completely relax and forget about the dynamic life. Therefore, we encourage you to light candles in the living room as often as possible in order to keep the atmosphere always warm and cozy. Also cushions on the bed look very cute. Round or oval mirrors, picture frames on the wall are beautiful, soft carpets and transparent curtains are great things suitable for the bedroom. In this sense, we want to focus your thoughts on how you may make a bedroom wall, more precisely - how can you make a bedroom wall original and unique. That is why we have many pictures for walls in the bedroom, which are true eye-catcher. We believe that you will find really inspiring decorating ideas in this post. Just take a look at our examples of bedroom wall decor ideas.

Fancy bedroom wall decor ideas - wall decoration
bedroom wall decor ideas: romantic bedroom with wonderful curtain

15 Functional living room shelving ideas and units.

We will show some you living room shelving ideas, it's amazing how simple they are. The Minimalist design for the living room shelves can be used not only as a store, but also for the beautiful transformation of space.

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living room shelving ideas: handmade and designed shelves

living room shelving ideas use your furniture 

19 stylish wood coffee table designs for minimalist living room

If the sofa can be considered as the protagonist of the living room, the coffee tables are the elements that provide invaluable support in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Unique coffee table can be a highlight of your interior, especially since it is not so expensive and dimensional object. Therefore, modern designers offer us an amazing variety of wood coffee table designs. Today we look at a few interesting decorative wood coffee table design ideas that will add glamour, versatility and minimalist magic of your living room.

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modern coffee table designs unique highlight in your living room

minimalist coffee table designs: wood and steal combination 

How to use modern TV wall units in living room wall decor

Where are you feel most comfortable? According to research on more than 70% of people, the answer is in the living room, from where you can watch TV. in our article we will show to you how you can choose modern TV wall units for luxury living room.

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modern TV wall units for elegant living room 

TV cabinet for chic living room 2015, wall mounted TV units

15 Cool wall paint color ideas for inspiration

 Wall paint colors play an important role in the overall look of the room. Strong colors are cheerful, but make the room look smaller and darker and tiring the eyes quickly. Bright colors  are perceive as boring, then there is only one thing to combine several colors on a creative way. We offer wall color ideas for your home.

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Wall paint color: ideas for wall design with colors 

wall-paint-color-ideas: decorated walls with color patterns 

13 Awesome art deco wood coffee table designs for elegant living room

Wood coffee table designs with extraordinary shapes
KITBA NATURAL is a coffee table made of Birch plywood tabletop tempered glass and IAT only made 80 pieces.
The form of KITBA NATURAL speaks of a correct symbol. Actually, its shape is fascinated by an ancient writing. The deeper meaning of these wood coffee table designs are the following - the communication is expressed by a gesture that is completely natural as handwriting.

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Awesome art deco wood coffee table designs for elegant living room

wood coffee table designs wood glass Platte coffee tables

curved modern wood coffee table design for minimalist living room

modern wood coffee table, Kaari table by the Finnish designer Johani Horelli

are you looking for modern wood coffee table? kaari table is the best choice. Kaari table is the work of Finnish designer Juhani Horelli . This is a wonderful and creative art piece, the author has inspired by the wonderful nature of his homeland.

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modern wood coffee table for luxury living room 

modern wood coffee table for living room 2015

31 Designer modern coffee table designs as the interior highlight

Here we present a wide range of trendy and innovative modern coffee table designs that look striking and attractive. If you are a creative person and have refined taste and high standards, you are at the right place.

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Modern coffee table designs for your living room

modern glass coffee table simple and cozy design

Cool modern glass coffee table designs and creative ideas

The name of the piece of furniture is "XX" and plates, of which it consists, in duplicate exactly these letters. On the surfaces of the two Xs based per a plate of pure glass. Especially against a white background of this piece looks ultra modern. The appearance of this piece can be described as bold femininity.It is modern glass coffee table made from rose-colored glasses. The configuration of straight surfaces defining a plurality of 45 degree corners and you have so much storage space. Art books or magazines from glossy paper would look like an accessory on this table, and there is another design it is round glass coffee table. The small rose-colored glasses coffee table it could decorate the room as a vase.

Cool modern glass coffee table designs and creative ideas

modern glass coffee table colorful striped surfaces

Bathroom mirrors with lights: Eye catcher decorative element

Everyone dreams of a comfort home - but if the bathroom is without windows, it's  difficult to form a cozy ambience. Here are some tips to get help - the bathroom mirrors with lights makes the bathroom looks brighter and wider. We will show you some cool designs for bathroom mirror lights that can be integrated perfectly into the modern home and give you useful tips on how to make the room seem more spacious optically.

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Bathroom mirrors with lights, skillfully put in scene

bathroom mirror with lights, decorated bathroom

Fascinating fabric vertical blinds as sun protection solutions

Fabric vertical blinds are characterized by ease of use, durability and longevity. As it's a sun protector, the cheap vertical blinds are suitable for use in both the private sector, as well as office and business premises. The innovative combinations of colors and shapes of the modern vertical blinds express style and will immediately catch the eye.

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Fabric Vertical blinds - Art and Functionality

fabric vertical blinds, white and yellow blinds

23 Functional small kitchen storage ideas and solutions

If you think that the small kitchen does not have enough storage space, we offer you small kitchen storage ideas. First small kitchen solution instead of use the whole height of the room, put small kitchen table with chairs to sit. Both can be equipped with plenty of cupboards and shelves, and then you will get everything in order. This technique called optimal full use of, for example, folding table and stack able chairs the small kitchen appear larger.

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Small kitchen storage ideas and solutions

small kitchen storage ideas with minimalist design

22 elegant luxury silver coffee table and side table designs

Since they are very functional, the coffee tables are a must in every living room. A coffee table is a piece of what you drinks, magazines, everyday objects and accessories. Easily the living room table turned into a focal point in the room, so make sure it fits with all your interior. Thanks to the many options on the market, and especially on the net, it is no difficult task to order the right luxury coffee tables or luxury side table. Are you still on the storage space? There are many silver coffee table designs, Look for shapes that perfectly complement your home interior? Try a round silver coffee table designs for small spaces attached or a square coffee table with an over-sized divisions.

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silver coffee table design and luxury side table 

silver coffee table design simple with glass

Charming modern glass coffee table designs by Karim Rashid

at the 10th anniversary of cooperation Karim Rashid and Tonelli to design glass surfaces. Do you want to learn a little more about this project? this article will help you.

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modern glass coffee table

glass coffee table design for luxury living room

Cool small round coffee table ideas: 20 functional designs

small Round coffee tables play a very special role in interior design

small round coffee table is very important in the interiors more than anything else. For such the small round coffee table should be selected carefully if you want to complete the perfect design of the interior.

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new ideas for small round coffee table

round glass coffee table for living room

25 Elegant oval coffee table designs made of glass and wood

The living room table and upholstered furniture are an essential part in any decor. Here we try to offer you different ideas for oval coffee tables designs, so that you can make and decorate your family room cozy as possible. If you stand on the smooth, simple shapes, select minimalist designs. Combined with an oval wood coffee table with a cushion sofa is the typical composition of this style of living.

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Oval coffee table designs: made of glass and wood

oval wood coffee table: modern ideas and designs

20 Ultra modern kitchen designs and ideas for inspiration

Modern kitchen designs containing futuristic corners in the modern kitchen offers high functionality and cozy mood. We will show you 20 modern kitchen ideas that will inspire and surprise you  . There are open kitchen with plenty of light and all-white color as kitchen equipment, floors and walls. If you are more to classic designs which contain emphasis on imitation wood, glossy surfaces or signal colors as colorful and contrasting. Of course, every kitchen will reflect the personality of the owner and give a personal touch.

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Inspiration modern kitchen designs 

modern kitchen ideas: revolution design and style

15 Elegant minimalist kitchen designs with modern kitchen furniture

In this article we will show you 15 new minimalist kitchen design inspired by many renowned European manufacturers. Modern kitchen furniture that are functional and look stylish at the same time. Because today the kitchen is rather than a functional space, it is a communication center, where the family can enjoy being together.

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Modern kitchen designs: minimalist furniture and designs 

minimalist kitchen design: modern kitchen furniture by Biefbi collection 

Cool modern minimalist kitchen designs and ideas

There are many seductive things when somebody thinks of the Italian kitchen, modern minimalist kitchen designs can also be Italian. Designer kitchens from SCIC , which can achieve the contemporary requirements and that sufficient work space, spacious seating options and beautifully designed corners which immediately aroused in you longing for a tasty break, this is minimalist kitchen design with the kitchen style of Italy.

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minimalist kitchen design: classic and modern

Modern kitchen designs: with a little retro style

Contrasting kitchen wall colors: 15 cool color ideas

choosing the right color for the kitchen wall is a difficult task. Most people love bright colors.  do you want a new kitchen not look boring? Use your Favorites  kitchen wall colors to paint the walls. the kitchen wall colors is a good idea to design a wonderful kitchen.

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new ideas for kitchen wall colors

modern kitchen wall colors for modern kitchens

Elegant functional designs of bathroom wall storage cabinets

Whether in the corridor, bedroom, living room or kitchen the cabinets are necessary. You have addition to your practical side a storage space, a decorative side. With the cabinet, you can use any style to decorate the bathroom. And with all these advantages, it is needless to remark that the cabinet is not missing in the bathroom. Where you should store all the towels, make-up utensils, shampoos, soaps and detergents? With bathroom wall storage cabinets you have all the necessary things at the same spot.

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new ideas for bathroom wall storage cabinets

modern bathroom wall storage cabinets for bathroom

Modern white gloss kitchen units combined with other colors

Modern kitchens are not designed in order to be just a part of the apartment, but they are designed and planned to become the lively center of the apartment. the modern kitchens are designed with best materials,shapes. Here you will find great inspiration ideas for how to choose and design the modern white gloss kitchen units.

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modern white gloss kitchen units

modern white gloss kitchen units

Beautiful designs of free standing bath tubs for elegant bathroom

Taking a bath is a nice activity not only for the health of the body. In most cases, you take a shower twice a day, or goes into the free standing bath tubs. Much more fun and relaxation offer free standing bath tubs detached and modern design. Today we will give some examples that will inspire you.

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Free standing bath tubs for a great experience

free standing bath tubs, made of natural materials in a modern design

15 Amazing interior swimming pool designs and ideas

Swimming is a great way to train your muscles and relax the mind. In this regard, we have today some interesting swimming pool designs for you. Swimming pool is great sport for one person and long enough to swim laps. Usually some swimming pool designs  also are large enough to be provided for two people. However, the most popular variants consist of a web and are limited to accommodate one person. it is especially well suited for homeowners who have a small garden or backyard available for interior swimming pool design as his dream.  Sport of Swimming  can be indoors, as also be installed outdoors.

swimming pool designs, a part of landscape

Wonderful ideas for bathroom lights for ceiling and wall

Your bathroom is one of the few places in your home where you can relax and refresh. There you can get ready for the day or just want to relax from a long day. But there is nothing worse than seeing yourself in the mirror, a mirror with poor bathroom ceiling lights! This can only be a bad reason for your self-confidence, then you certainly feel bad or you think you look bad. Thus, you would make the  bathroom atmosphere better rather leave than would prefer to stay there longer, is it true? To the right bathroom ceiling lights  to choose some simple tips are to be observed, especially if you want your bathroom ceiling lights draw attention to itself. The lighting can be utilitarian and beautiful, we want to discuss today together. Please scroll down and take a look at these few examples that we have compiled for you.

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Modern bathroom ceiling lights , bathroom wall lights

bathroom ceiling lights, wall mirror with back lights