Awesome 3D decorative wall panels with LED lights

Who says that the white walls have to be boring? The Design of 3D wall panels from LAMELLUX is an innovative, unique wall covering made ​​of wood and resin mixture that adds an ultra-modern flair to any room. Decorative wall systems are available in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and light effects. 3D Decorative wall panels suitable to decorate your home and make a wonderful atmosphere.

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Decorative 3D wall panels 

3D Decorative wall panels from wooden
the design of wall is really something to admire they call it "interactive art" -. The decorative 3D wall panels of Lemallux suit modern public spaces. Make such a space is often not an easy task. On one hand, one might not want his room appears to be livable, on the other hand you want a striking wall design.  To get a striking wall design use wall panels with lights.

modern wall panels with lights for living room
Enter the room personality with Design wall panels from LAMELLUX . These were made ​​by the best Laserschneiden-, Laminieren- and thermoforming technologies and of high quality ecological materials. The 3d wall panels have smooth, organically curved or highly geometric motifs. Wood brings the desired contrast. The perfect harmony brings a thin layer of resin between the wood flooring that creates a stunning stained glass effect.

3D Decorative wall panels for office room
The 3D wall panels of LAMELLUX can be mounted on the wall either as a monolithic compositions, or as individual elements. Thanks to the sophisticated manufacturing process they are easy to install. The various of 3D wall panels change different ambience and feel of a room. Some models are available from different types of wood and in several color combinations. In addition, you can create your own pattern. Decorative wall panels can give the room a wonderful ambience.

3D Decorative wall panels made from wood 
3D Decorative wall panels to decorate the walls
3d wall panels from wood to decorate the house
modern 3D decorative wall panels for your home
modern 3d wall panels for your bedroom
modern 3d wall panels for your living room
wonderful wall panels with lights for living room