Innovative 3D wall panels made of sugar cane fiber

We recently talked about the luxury upholstered wall panels, More and more companies are producing environment friendly products on the market and it is important role in our lives. The Danish company "Mywallart" continues the concept and provides 3D wall panels from recycled natural materials. In the processing of sugar cane into sugar remain vegetable waste.

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 3D wall panels - Original patterns

3D wall panels, modern wall tiles
The 3D wall panels are produced from recycled sugar cane - thanks to the innovative technology of manufacturing process that protects nature and saves costs for raw materials. At the same time it is a high quality product that integrates perfectly into the modern living room. Thanks to the diverse range of products that makes 3D wall paneling are available in many ideas - whether as an accent, the room atmosphere refreshes, or as a subtle background is related to the room conditions.

3D wall panels, wall panels in 3D effect

 3D wall panels - fresh all rooms

3D wall panels, white color for dinning room
The 3D wall panels of "MyWallart" offer a alternative to the wallpaper and the wall color. Whether for the office, in the hallway, or simply as an accent in the living room - you can make it anywhere. The wall tiles exude elegance - numerous designs are available which meet every taste. The successful combination of a distinctive sense of style and attention to detail create a modern look.

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3D wall panels, wall panels made by recycled materials

3D wall paneling made of other luxury materials

3D wall paneling, office wall panels

3D wall paneling, historical room

3D wall paneling, modern living room with 3D wall panels

3D wall paneling, simple room