Awesome DIY wall shelves with colorful geometric design

Would you like to build great DIY wall shelves ? Surprise your guests with additional highlights in the living room! Modern DIY shelving ideas will give you more playful designs and it has a great visual effect on the room.

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DIY shelves, wall decoration ideas

DIY wall shelves - Build yourself

DIY wall shelves, wooden boards

These cool DIY shelves are a universal connector system. It allows you to design your own custom design based on a triangle. Each segment can always be removed  from the wall or rearranged. Triangle DIY wall shelves  are not that difficult. You just need the following materials: 
- wooden boards 
- glue 
- Sandpaper 
- miter saw with an average of 30 ° 
- Measuring tape 
- Optional acrylic paint (gloss paint, stains) 
- Paintbrush

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DIY wall shelves - Build the shelf manual

DIY wall shelves, girding the wooden board

The best part of building your own DIY wall shelves is that you can size them, choose construction material, choose color, and design. So first you should set the size. Then you have to consider the following: 
Step 1: Set the miter saw so that the angle is 30 °, and then cut the boards. 
Step 2: Grind the piece of wood with sandpaper roughly and then grind finely. 
Step 3: Cut boards and collect them together with the glue and let them dry for at least 4 hours. 
Step 4: Design your own DIY shelves with the dried-colored triangles
Step 5: Arrange the boards of your DIY wall shelves on the wall and fix them.

DIY shelving ideas not only provide additional storage space, but also a great wall decoration that will surely draw everyone's attention! Have fun building!

DIY wall shelves, glue strips of wood

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