Dining rooms decor ideas in classic and modern combination

The dining room decor became a prominent place in the World, since it is a special space for sociable moments. No wonder, that worry is a touch more in this environment, leaving it full of elegance and personality. To inspire you,  we accompany these projects of varying styles so exciting!

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Dining rooms decor ideas in classic and modern combination

dining room decor as design studio with table and chairs

The dining room decor ideas by oriental content

classic and modern dining room decor ideas as a slightly oriental content
Another very interesting way is to compose a classic dining room decor, with a slightly oriental content through features sculptures, a differentiated pending in pastel colors and floral motif, and a beautiful vase of flowers as natural orchids, as can be seen in the project.
In addition, the cabinet mahogany following a more traditionalist style and period contrasts with the dining table and the more contemporary chairs in light, neutral tones.

classic and modern dining room decor ideas.

Dining room decor ideas: white walls and dark brown chairs
 modern dining room decor ideas became a very creative way to bring more originality into homes. Thus, a great way to leave the  dining room, but with a singular delicacy of stroke is betting on different textures and effects.
As was done in the project, to invest in several versions in wood: rustic and modern, clear tone and other dark, and natural and colored tone, through the chairs, for example.

Modern dining room decor as cheerfulness in shapes and colors
Furthermore, prized up a more neutral base by a gray highlighted wall, as a curtain in light gray, a glossy fabric to give an air of refinement. Already, the floor follows a slightly rustic content watching the style of niches.
The outstanding all worked is a link with the white sculpture of birds giving a colorfully handcrafted appearance.

Dining room decor ideas: mirrors and black chairs
To break the seriousness of sober colors opted for colorful elements: a flower arrangement (used in well decorated dining rooms) in red, a decorative vase in yellow and turquoise seats. Similarly, the arrangement of tables and niches that gained some freedom.

Dining room furniture ideas

classic dining room decor with pictures and white chairs
Having the retro charm is also a surefire way to make the most inviting and authentic dining room. However, adding more dining room decor , even futuristic character, will leave the shape sleek and attractive environment.
It happened with the project: the dining room furniture ideas follows the retro style with the toothpick legs characteristics through the yellow trimmer, the classic table of sophisticated chairs and more rustic bench in the background.

Modern dining room decor blue walls and mirrors
The table to the center of the wall concentrated sobriety of the modern with the irreverence of retro.Already, more futuristic dash fell to lighting design. The elements in silver and gold metal gave a modernist touch and sophisticated the room.

The more closed brown tone often create a more sober atmosphere, as the beige helps to give certain lightness and sophistication to the room. It is what can be perceived in this modern dining room decor  full of personality.

Dining room decor with mirrors and White lights
The dark brown is present in the sliding door which, incidentally, is all worked referring to the oriental style. The structure of the dining room furniture ideas follows the same more sober proposal, as well as the curtain, which gives a beautiful finish to space.
The charm was due to the grid deformed upholstered chairs, accompanying the style of furniture also with risks, and, of course, the imposing chandelier colonial effect, which gave a special touch.

the role of the environment to make a dining room decor.

classic dining room decor with red chairs and classic table
The environment should represent the personality who enjoys space. So if your profile is more focused on something more cheerful, full of energy and sophistication then this proposal for an integrated living room has everything to do with you.

Abusing a more irreverent design, through the fixtures in different ways with orange detail, which served to connect the two environments, the dining room also had a functional wall facing a turquoise tone, chatting with the sofa in green- Olive.

Modern dining room decor with brown door and red wall
To give some uniformity and harmony to environments, the gray was chosen. Thus, it gives the air of grace in chairs with toothpick legs and differentiated wall of the living room.

This more abstract style of the wall is also present on the floor composing a perfect backdrop for the furniture and dining room furniture ideas to add more value.