Small apartment decorating ideas: how to increase the space

Most of us live in small apartments. these  apartments are always a small kitchen, small rooms and low ceilings. Sometimes large apartments seem to be tiny because of its clutter. So, if you use the techniques of expansion space and avoid frills in the decoration, you can visually increase significantly the area of your apartment. In today's article we will provide you with small apartment decorating ideas.

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Small apartment decorating ideas
small apartment bedroom ideas: white bedroom, wall shelves combine with kitchen

In a small apartment you cannot hang massive curtains or carpets, you should get rid of the flower stand, which burden the space. But we should not abandon the bulky items, we just need to reduce their presence to the minimum. Different figurines and vases also harm the space.

According to our small apartment decorating ideas, something very bright may attract the attention not necessarily something massive. But, if you hang a large mirror in a massive frame on the wall, then you will kill two birds with one stone, because the mirror will create depth visually and expand the space even more. Feel free to use the mirror in a small apartment. Install wardrobe with mirror door, this door will expand the space of the room and at the same time you will have a closet for storage.

small apartment decorating ideas: white living room with glass door and wooden floor
small apartment kitchen ideas: kitchen with wooden floor and glass door as room divider
small apartment decorating ideas
small apartment decorating ideas: small bedroom with a balcony
Another small apartment decorating ideas: You can change the assignment of your rooms in the apartment. Because of the living room, which is almost never used, you can make the bedroom and study part-time, and you can combine a small bedroom with a balcony, making its place a mini office. Or combine the kitchen with an adjacent bathroom, thus freeing up space for the table which can accommodate the whole family. Of course, the room can not be combined enough to make between them a fairly wide doorway.

small apartment bedroom ideas

small apartment bedroom ideas: small bedroom with wall shelves and bed drawers
You can free up some space by using space on the walls. You can hang the shelves along the walls or install a mezzanine. And you can also replace swing doors with sliding doors.
small apartment kitchen ideas
small apartment kitchen ideas: modern kitchen with floor tiles and dining room covering by carpet
One option for small apartment decorating ideas is the zoning of the room. Changing the room floor coverings and wall decor can achieve the desired result, in addition it will add the comfort to your apartment. Do not forget only that the ceiling should be a few shades lighter than the walls, otherwise it may seem even lower than it is actually. Raising the ceiling will help lighting. If you use a central chandelier, you should choose a model with a  apartment bowl .
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small apartment kitchen ideas: beautiful kitchen in white-red colors with high ceiling lights
small apartment decorating ideas
small apartment decorating ideas: small apartment overlooking the landscape
If your window is a beautiful landscape, another decision of the expansion of space is to refuse the curtains. see also 8 functional kitchen window ideas