Modern gypsum board design catalogue for room partition walls

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gypsum board design wall was recently used widely in residential construction. Erection of the gypsum board partition wall does not take much time, but requires not one hand, a bit of building skills and desirable to have a good building tool. In today's article we will inspire you for how to build a partition wall? 

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Modern room divider walls (partitions) are made on the basis of size and weight, which will be distributed to them. Here depends on how many layers of gypsum board  will be cast on the partition, and what is their thickness. For the plasterboard wall design used two elements: the gypsum board designs and metal guides for the manufacture of the frame, on which the gypsum board wall designs are located.

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For gypsum board partition wall insulation and soundproofing you should use mineral wool or polystyrene foam core. All of these materials are perfect for interior decoration.
Partitions are different. This frame single and double thickness. Second embodiment differs from the first in that it uses two frame located next to each other with a little distance. They are used for installing sliding doors. The room partition wall designs used a slim profile, a width of 50 mm. This allows you to do the thick interior walls.

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how to build a partition wall?: construction to build plasterboard partition wall
In such gypsum board design catalogue wall is easily to install doors, especially the wooden interior. The advantage is that you can precisely find the dimensions. Such partitions must withstand with the pressure which imposed on them. The use of beams allows you to raise the door frame clearly. The width of the wooden beams must be one centimeter wider than the profile for gypsum board designs and a higher thickness 5 centimeters. gypsum board partition walls
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Use plasterboard wall design in the bathroom should be moisture-proof. This will increase their service life. The bathroom is the place where high humidity exists, and plasterboard can simply get wet and be damaged. Not to mention the other areas such as a swimming pool. And by the way, be sure to install ventilation which allowing not accumulate moisture on the surface of the plasterboard. Erection of plasterboard partition wall will not take much of your time. Here some gypsum room divider ideas which hope to help you.

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