How to choose a coffee table design matches the living room interior?

When we plan to buy new furniture for the living room, coffee table is the first thing that comes to mind immediately after the sofa,  And because it is important we present to you a huge variety of coffee table design ideas to choose from.

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Coffee table design ideas: modern coffee tables

how to choose a coffee table round shape safe for children
coffee table design ideas how to choose from huge collection
If you have decided that your coffee table will be your living room center, there are four standards you should be concern about before you choose between coffee table design ideas: style, size, material and color of the surface.
how to choose a coffee table focus on style, size, material and color

How to chose a coffee table designs meet your needs

The most obvious material that comes to mind is wood. But even today it is not easy to determine, because for furniture it is used not only in natural solid form. The easiest way for how to choose a coffee table is as follows, if the high quality requirements (especially if there are small children at home), choose real wood. If the budget is limited, and the table will not be expected to undergo rough handling choose the artificial panel. If you want to buy more modern table,do not buy wood, turn your attention to the transparent acrylic and glass products that will help make a small room more wide. Shine of metal will help you to achieve the same purpose. Dark wood coffee table (for example, red or walnut), marble and metal look great in a traditional interior, especially next to the leather furniture.

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coffee table design ideas : photo gallery of designs
coffee table design ideas classic solid wooden coffee table
modern coffee table designs glass coffee table with marble basis

Modern coffee table designs and ideas

Coffee tables are now available in any form, which only come to mind. Since the shape of the room can play a major role in choosing a coffee table design ideas, we consider here only a few configurations that are the most comfortable to use.
Narrow rectangular or oval modern coffee table designs works well in small spaces. Square or round modern coffee table designs are well used in large-area seat, for example, with a corner sofa and sectional sofa set. Round or oval modern coffee table designs are also preferred for rooms where there are children, since they have no sharp corners.
coffee table design ideas narrow rectangular shape for small zone
modern coffee table designs square shape for large spaces

modern coffee table materials: wood, acrylic, glass and metal

 Most coffee table design ideas have a flat surface, while there are many companies offering additional features. Look for a coffee table with shelves, drawers and compartments if you need additional space to store remotes, books, glasses and other. Accessories. If you need extra space for storage of different things, consider also a coffee table that opens like a chest. Incidentally, many of them have a soft surface so that they can together be used as a table, and as a footrest. Some coffee table design ideas have a sliding surface that can be used for work or food intake, as well as additional retractable seating.
coffee table design ideas table with shelves give you more space
modern coffee table design with retractable seating
Focusing on choosing the right style and quality of the coffee table, do not forget the size. how to choose a coffee table size?  the total length of the coffee table won't be more than 2/3 of the length of your couch. Finally and most importantly,  your coffee table should be in the same height as the seat on your couch. Or below, but not higher.
coffee table design ideas table blow the seat height
coffee table design ideas the same height as the seat