Living room bookshelves and shelving units - 20 Elegant ideas

How to integrate the modern shelving ideas in living room? we show you many idea for living room shelving units and bookshelves, floor to ceiling bookshelves, wall mounted shelving systems and modern living room bookcases

A library usually presents in the form of a shelf , the characteristics are preferred according to personal requirements and tastes, but obviously the dimensions of the room will determine the furniture that you choose. A large empty library, with just a few scattered books, will lose its majesty. Here we will show some living room bookshelves designs.

Modern living room shelving ideas, floor to ceiling bookshelves units

modern living room shelving ideas: white bookshelves model by Napol

Floor to ceiling bookshelves! - living room bookcases

floor to ceiling bookshelves: wall bookshelves extend to ceiling

The dimensions of wall mounted shelving systems depend on the available space in the room. Depending on whether you want to place various decorative objects.
Living room bookshelves designs - alternating open and closed compartments
living room bookshelves designs: open and closed compartments
You can put your most beautiful books so that they are clearly visible in open sites, and hide your old cooking book. The living room bookcases with built-in lighting can be used to enhance beautiful objects that is used only very rarely.
Living room shelving units - To showcase beautiful objects
living room bookshelves designs: undulating bookshelves design by Chateau d'Ax

You can use a stylish piece of furniture to store your book, if you have such a great piece as living room bookcases. This is the principle of a self-library, which does not need to be attached to walls, unlike other. Also you can used it as a storage space for all sorts of other items and accessories.
Living room bookshelves designs - freestanding library
living room bookshelves designs: freestanding bookshelves by Lago
Modern living room shelving ideas - invest space vertically
modern living room shelving ideas: beautiful vertically bookshelves design
Living room bookcases of wood, although their primary function to store books, they will soon become the focal point of your living room. Combining style with the rest of the furniture, you will get a winning combination every time. Wood evoke a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and metal for a more contemporary industrial purpose.
The warm atmosphere of wood
living room bookcases: bookshelves model by Garnero Giuseppe
If you have modular elements, choose some harmonious asymmetry, choose a model with a sober look that will fit into the back end of the room, putting books in front of living room bookcases. The books take you into the fascinating world of literature. Enjoy reading!

Wall mounted shelving systems for living room walls

Wall mounted shelving systems: wall bookcases model by Mobilgam

Wall mounted shelving systems: wall bookcases model by Mobilgam
Modular elements
living room bookshelves designs: white bookcases with yellow accents
A harmonious room decoration
living room bookcases: bookshelves with wardrobe by Santa lucia
Keep the style of the room
living room bookshelves designs: asymmetric bookshelves by Santa lucia

Living room bookshelves designs - modern TV wall units

living room bookshelves designs: closed bookshelves with purple accents
living room bookshelves designs: elegant bookshelves model by Novamobili
Art goes to book service
living room bookcases: Shanghai bookshelves design by Giuseppe Bavuso
Classical model for plush interior
living room shelving units: classic bookshelves design by Minacciolo
Floor to ceiling bookshelves design
For pleasure
modern living room shelving ideas: white bookshelves design by Giuseppe Bavuso
Living room bookshelves designs
living room bookshelves designs: solid wood bookshelves by Giuseppe Bavuso

living room bookshelves designs: office bookshelves model with worktop
living room shelving units: elegant bookshelves design by Ripinai

floor to ceiling bookshelves: classic bookshelves design by Minacciolo