Luxury classic stairs designs and interior stair railing ideas

Are you one of the luxury classic stairs designs lovers? today we provide you with 20 classic staircase design ideas made of metal, glass and wood, and interior stair railing ideas, staircase railings
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Classic stairs designs "L" and "U"
Depending on the house project you can choose classic staircase design. The shape of "L" is one of a straight stair extends to one side, left or right.
The stair shape "U" is one of a straight stair extends to two side, left opposite right. Already, the snail model is more famous than compact stair, which has a central axis and the steps are built around it. The curved style is also very charming model of classic stairs designs, and may acquire different curvatures, without requiring a central axis.

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Luxury classic stairs designs,  staircase railing and hand rails ideas

stair railing ideas: snail stair design with glass handrail

classic staircase design ideas, luxury stairs

classic staircase design: curved stairs design with decorative elements

Classic stairs designs with new face
Well, increasingly Stairs are gaining other features, plus a well innovative classic staircase design that can suit with the environment both in space and in style. The stair drawers are an example of this innovation. In this case, each step acts as a kind of drawer, which can be used as an organizer.
Stairs which made ​​from wood are well classical and charming. There are also interior stair railings design which the drawers are on the side of the stair, as a kind of cabinet, is very original and discreet. Straight stairs can also become more relaxed.
A strong trend and an incredible elegance is the stair with floating stairs. In this classic staircase design, the steps are attached individually to the wall and giving the impression that they are actually floating. They can be made ​​of wood, iron and concrete.
Another great charm are the stairs with different steps , such as petals, square, curved quads or triangles. Also glass stair railings and metal stair railings designs are the way to get a new and irresistible effect.

Wood staircase designs and metal stair railings

interior stair railings: wooden straight stair with railing
classic staircase design: wooden stair design with wooden railing
classic stairs designs: luxury white floating stairs design
classic stairs designs: luxury wooden floating stairs design
metal stair railings: wooden stairs design with metal railings

Glass stair railing ideas for classic staircases

glass stair railings: classic stairs design with glass railings
classic stairs designs: curved stairs design with glass wall
glass stair railings: glass stairs design with glass railings
classic stairs designs: luxury classic stairs design with railings