Trends of modern lighting design ideas (ceiling - wall) 2017

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The subjective perception of space is a function of the light contrast - an interaction between the illuminated surfaces and dark surfaces. Uniform lighting design affects negatively on the emotional perception and that is why the modern living room lighting ideas are so important. If we allowed the norms and standards of lighting guide, it can easily create a sterile and boring atmosphere. And if you decorated with scattered light, it reduces contrast and shadows and result in a poor definition of volume and poor perception of textures and details. The use of luxurious materials in the interior will have no meaning if we do not use the interior lighting design ideas that will accentuate them.

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Textures and interesting objects are to be accentuated with special lighting, while the rest should be left in the dark. Modern living room lighting ideas and false ceiling LED lights create a hierarchy between the accented textures and volumes and bottom and differentiates plans. Interior lighting design ideas are the most important factors in the interior design. It helps us to orient ourselves in different functional spaces.

Interior lighting design ideas - Inspiring ideas

interior lighting design ideas, lounge with original ceiling and lighting
Interior lighting design ideas - Importance of lighting
interior lighting design ideas, modern interior with lighting design
Interior lighting design ideas express the architectural elements in the interior and exterior. Sometimes the lighting is the easiest way to fix the size and proportions of a certain space. When we should correct proportion of a room, we should use the possibilities of horizontal or vertical light. And when choosing materials and textures for our interior decoration, we should have an idea how they will act with the light and what kind of lighting will be most appropriate. The lighting design should be one of the first phases of decoration.
interior lighting design ideas, minimalist decor salon
To determine the type of modern living room lighting ideas that we should choose, we should start by knowing the functional purpose of the space - is that it is a work area, a relaxation room, a social place etc. . Once we have a clear design for the interior and furniture, we could start planning the type of lighting. We should then decide the design and position of fixtures.

The lighting can accentuate and emphasize a certain object from the inside even if its position is not properly selected. We should decide what aspect of this object we wish to show - its shape, surface or color. This is the basis used to define the type of lighting. Direct light accentuate a detail, a form character or figure and make a shadow with specific contours. It is a way to create a dramatic atmosphere in the room. If one uses the scattered light, the shape becomes softer, shadows become blurred and the color and the texture of the object are visible. The combination of direct and scattered light is the one that offers the most interesting possibilities. If you want to create a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere, you should play with the light contrast.
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modern living room lighting ideas, original lighting design
LED false ceiling lights, kitchen and dinning room with modern lighting
LED false ceiling lights, brightly decorated room
LED wall lights, modern living room with interesting light deco
LED wall lights, living room with original decor
wall shelves with lights, modern living room decoration
wall shelves with lights, interesting decorated salon
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