Full catalog of vinyl flooring options for kitchen and bathroom

In this article we focus on one of the cheapest creative flooring ideas and flooring options in the market, vinyl flooring tiles for kitchen, bathroom and living room, and how to install the vinyl flooring uk

Vinyl flooring tile is a solid floor, which consists of several layers. Its primary layer - stabilizing the vinyl, which can be applied to the decor. Thereafter, an ultraviolet protective layer is applied, which is fixed on top of as a transparent layer with a protective function. With this structure,the vinyl flooring UK has a high level of strength and durability. Therefore, this tile is ideal for any room interior design - in fact it is not only beautiful, but is not erased from contact with the shoes.

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After all, the vinyl floor tile is strong enough, and hence, vinyl flooring load capacity reached the 10 million steps. Despite this substantial workload, vinyl tiles are not pale and blurred. UV protective layer ensures that the pattern on the tile surface, despite exposure to sunlight. In addition, it creates the effect 3D flooring on the tile surface. and there are great 3D floor options to suit any room interior design

The advantages of Vinyl flooring UK

As I mentioned above, this type of flooring options has a high resistance to wear, and therefore is able to withstand various loads. In addition, this non-slip cover makes you not afraid of contact with water and household cleaning products. Vinyl floors tiles provide a high level of sound - and heat insulation.

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How to install penny floor tile , amazing flooring ideas

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patterned cheap vinyl flooring UK for kitchen

The vinyl flooring uk may include a good resistance to impact point and anti-static. When walking on a tile there is no noise.
In addition, this material is quite ductile - vinyl flooring tiles can easily be cut the way you need it for the installation. And, of course, vinyl tile is a vast field for the design of experiments and provides the designer with many vinyl flooring ideas and options. Due to the effect of three-dimensional image, you can create a floor under any theme and decor.

vinyl flooring uk options for kitchen floors
vinyl flooring uk options for kitchen floors

Vinyl flooring options of use

Vinyl flooring tiles are so versatile material that it can be installed in any room.

For example, when choosing the flooring ideas for the room, you first pay attention to safety and comfort. Vinyl floor tile is perfect for installation in the baby room, because it is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material. In addition, this coating is soft enough and warm and, therefore, your baby will be comfortable to walk and crawl around on a hot plate.

It's also a suitable material for the 3D bathroom floor. Especially that vinyl is not afraid of contact with moisture. In contact with water it does not rot or swell. On the surface of the vinyl tile fungus and mold do not grow.

vinyl flooring options for living room
vinyl flooring options for living room
It's no secret that the kitchen floor is subjected to greater wear, than in all the other rooms. Yes, and temperature fluctuations, humidity changes characteristic of the kitchen facilities. Vinyl flooring uk is an excellent solution. In addition, it is excellent to clean and does not absorb grease and dirt.

The room with the greatest cross - the hallway. Dirt from the street is there. Therefore, increasing durability of flooring fits perfectly under these conditions. A significant advantage of using vinyl floors is the ability of its operation immediately after installation.
Living room - the first image of any apartment, so it is very difficult to pick up the flooring for this particular room. Vinyl tile floor help to realize any design idea.
If you wish, you can use vinyl floor tiles for the flooring throughout the apartment. The difference is only in drawing and coloring of the vinyl flooring options. Thus, you will provide a stylish look of your home, and the floor will serve you for many years.

Types of vinyl floor tile

Depending on the shape, vinyl flooring tiles can be square, triangular and rectangular. In addition, the choice is made between matte and glossy tiles.

Also the vinyl flooring types is classified according to the method of manufacture. There are two types: quartz-vinyl tile and pressed vinyl tiles PVC.

Quartz-vinyl tile is a material made of vinyl, and the natural quartz (which accounts for 80%). Through this component tiles have extraordinary strength, and also does not absorb water and is not subjected to acids and alkalis. It produced such tiles by hot pressing. Absolutely all the components are distributed uniformly on the structure of the material, which means that the coating does not lose the intensity of its color.

cheap vinyl flooring - bathroom floor ideas
cheap vinyl flooring - bathroom floor ideas
Molded vinyl tiles PVC consists of several layers. It consists of: vinyl resins, plasticizes and stabilizers. This tile is made by hot pressing and is then covered with a protective PVC layer. Tiles made in such a way, is the best option of flooring for both residential and public buildings.
There is also a self-adhesive vinyl flooring tiles. It gained its popularity due to its relatively simple method of installation. This tile is used for decoration of tables, ladders and other details.

Prices for vinyl flooring uk

Buying vinyl flooring is not difficult. You can apply to the hardware store, or go to the construction market. Fans of online shopping will find the desired type of tiles in a specialized online store.
The average vinyl flooring prices for domestic producers is enough material available. One square meter of vinyl tile is 8-10$.

Technology installing vinyl flooring

So, for laying this vinyl floors we need:
Vinyl floor tiles, special glue for vinyl tiles, pencil, marking cord, tape, metal square, blade knife, trowel adhesive, smooth rubber roller, a sponge.
Before proceeding to the process of installation prepare the building material, . Do not remove the packaging to get a "mature" tile throughout the day.
Now proceed to the preparation of the base for laying tiles. The surface must be perfectly flat, inflexible. It should be free of dyes, oils or fats. If the floor has any cracks, certainly seal them and eliminate irregularities.

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In order to choose the right place to start, it is necessary to carry out the layout of the space of the room. To do this, locate the center of the room, and then move to the wall - so you can find the best place for laying vinyl tile.

Now move on to the preparation of the adhesive composition. Acrylic dispersion adhesive is suitable for vinyl tiles
Be sure to read the instructions for use of glue. Glue consumption is on average 0.3-0.5 kg per 1 square meter.

stony vinyl flooring uk for outdoor
stony vinyl flooring uk for outdoor
You can cut the vinyl floor tile using stationery knife. To do this, cut the top layer of tiles, and then gently bend the tile on a side and the reverse side. Do not forget about the fact that the tiles can not be laid against a wall - leave a small gap. To create a uniform layer of glue, use a notched trowel with interchangeable blades. It provides an economical material consumption.

Once you will paste vinyl flooring tiles, be sure to ride on it a special heavy roller. It is necessary to provide proper installation. Also, this operation will help to get rid of bubbles. Use a damp sponge to remove excess glue, acting at the seams. Half an hour later again roll the roller packed plot. After bonding such tile does not need treatment of joints.

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bathroom vinyl flooring ideas
3D bathroom floor. vinyl flooring options
3D bathroom floor tiles . vinyl flooring options