Decorative 3D wall panels for Unusual wall decor 2017

A complete guide to 3D wall decor options - 3D wall panels: materials, designs, installation steps, reviews, prices and where to buy 3D decorative panels with LED lights
The 3D wall panels are a modular coating to cover entire walls or sections adapted to the design of decoration or a customized needs. They are made ​​from bamboo pulp and presented in 46 x 46 cm fragments with different models of relief. They are waterproof and fire retardant, they are also easy to install using adhesive mounting and can be painted any color with wall paint.

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Trends in wall decor have evolved from flat to modern painting volume effects. The 3D effect on the wall causes involving sensations multiplying the appeal and sophistication of any space. When light falls on 3D wall art panels also creates a stunning play of volumes, light and shadow.
Wall art 3D panels are lightweight, easy installation, low cost per square meter, allows a quick change of atmosphere and image design.

wall art: decorative 3D wall panels for restaurants wall decor
wall art: decorative PVC 3D wall panels for restaurants

Advantages of Decorative 3D wall panels: Reviews

3D wall panels are a practical, simple solution that provides multiple possibilities, used to create environments with a very special style, naturally combined with different trends of furniture and always surprise demonstrating a new concept of wall decoration. They are a highly recommended choice for both decoration of private homes and public places. They provide a perfect wall to innovate, renovate and create environment geometric relief.

Living room bubbly 3D wall panels made of PVC for living room wall decor
Living room bubbly 3D wall panels made of PVC for living room wall decor
Decorative 3D panels meet the latest craze when it comes to innovative, unusual and somewhat futuristic wall decor ideas in your apartment. Whether you consider kitchen, entrance hall, bedroom or living room, the design with 3D wall decor is luxurious and beautiful.
The decorative wall panels with geometric patterns make the eyes just do not let go. Circular motifs, spirals, triangles and waves are the most popular motifs. Whichever you choose, ultimately, is related to the personal preferences.

3D decorative wall panels for living room wall decor
3D decorative wall panels for living room wall decor
ًWall Panels, as well as wallpaper, tiles and mosaics, it is now considered to be a traditional material for the walls. However, some buyers are still not aware of all the features that decorative 3d wall panels have, and therefore do not dare to buy them. 
Production of decorative wall panels involves the use of a variety of materials - conventional plastic, wood-slab raw material, wood, plaster, metal and Plexiglas. The use of all this makes it possible to get the most extraordinary effects. For example, imported from one panel businesses today are able to glow in the dark, due to the accumulation of light from any source in the room. Others are decorative finishing materials, for example, made ​​of plastic can be richly decorated with all kinds of decorations and forms. mirrored, metallic or " wood-grain" plastic panels will be advantageous to look in any home. Pay attention to the wooden panel with a relief that have a 3D effect.

PVC 3D decorative panels for bathroom wall decor ideas
PVC 3D decorative panels for bathroom wall decor ideas
Today, you can buy circular or square decorative wall panels. In addition to use in the decoration of the walls, they found themselves in the decoration of doors and furniture fronts. Besides, various interior elements. Combining 3d wall panels is possible with any finishing materials.
 In rooms with a small area to experiment with a variety of building materials, it is best to use, for example, only the plastic panels. But if you want to decorate a spacious living room or bedroom, then go ahead and combine them with wallpaper or decorative plaster.

 3D panels are in versatile finishing materials. However, you must buy them in view of the features of the room that you want to decorate. For example, for finishing the bathroom or kitchen you should buy a special water-resistant plastic panels. In the nursery, living room and bedroom will look great with wood or cork panels.
You can find these designs and more on: Amazon and Ebay

3D Wall Panels With Lights

PVC 3D panels with LED lighting for wall art
PVC 3D panels with LED lighting for wall art
3D panels and LED lighting can be perfectly combined to produce unique effects. Bright 3D wall panels with LED lights create a dramatic backdrop for furniture. The 3D wall panels with lights will give life to your wall. With the support of LED lighting, you can get a more powerful effect with a focus on the details of your 3D wall art panels.

wall decor ideas- decorative 3d panels with LED lights
wall decor ideas- decorative 3d panels with LED lights
You can buy This model of 3D panels with LED from: Marktplaats

When implementing LED lighting with 3D wall panels, it is necessary to be aware of the colors of the environment. The warm highlights much more yellow and brown tones. It is a type of light that invites relaxation and is suitable for rooms for relaxing effect and enabler of sleep. 3D wall panels with LED strips or tubes are most welcome which allow you to receive direct light that suitable for normal performance and make your wall special.

3D wall panels with lights

Materials Available for Decrative 3D panels


gypsum wall panels with 3d art effect
gypsum 3d wall panels
The unique material, Gypsum wall Panel, is inexpensive, nonflammable, relatively easy to install, with the addition of water and moisture resistance and good sound insulation properties. The gypsum 3D wall paneling can be painted and varnished. Gypsum is easy to decorated with any decorations or patterns with the tiniest details, you can create bas-reliefs with a high degree of detail drawing. In addition, the joints of the 3d gypsum panels can be filled with the same plaster structure that allows you to create a single monolithic surface.

MDF 3D wall paneling 

MDF 3d wall panels with 3D pattern for living room wall decor
MDF 3d wall panels with 3D pattern for living room wall decor
Trees in spite of all the efforts of the two-legged barbarians on the planet still exists, then there is waste wood, which make up the MDF material. 3D art panels made of MDF produced by hot pressing of wood, and there are various reliefs and colors. Products may be covered with lacquer, enamel or veneer of valuable tree species, and, of course, PVC. MDF wall panels are strong enough and durable, the only thing they're afraid of, it is not humidity resistant, But As long as they are well painted they should do ok. Every single person with IKEA bookshelves & 99% of the low end cabinets are MDF or PB, and they do well so long as they aren't outside, don't get water poured on them, and are well sealed.

PVC wall panels

PVC wall paneling for foyer walls
PVC wall paneling for foyer walls
Perhaps it's the most popular and inexpensive decoration material, which allows the designer to realize the most fantastic ideas. Polyvinyl chloride is not afraid of water, ultraviolet and dirty hands. Volumetric 3D wall panels made of PVC, can be very deep relief, and of any shape.


aluminium wall paneling
aluminium wall paneling 
If we were talking about the metallization, the undoubted king of finishes is Aluminum. It is not afraid of corrosion, natural matte shine "winged" metal force to fight more often than one heart, recalling the noble silver. The combination of aluminum and soft leather will give a refined luxury upmarket interior reliable bank or the reception of the governor.


Tanned hides of dead animals in addition to the purely functional use as a comfortable clothes since time immemorial been used to decorate the premises, giving them a special status. The smell of expensive embossed leather can not be confused with anything, however, the view too. Wall panels made of natural and artificial leather may have a characteristic relief, familiar to us from finishing the entrance door, with the only difference that the cap studs are real gold leaf.


On the strength of the glass and its resistance to chemicals special talk makes no sense - it is a known fact, as the one that raised the glass panels are ideal for facing the working kitchen areas. Producers of glass can magically give him unimaginable colors and patterns that will make any interior unique and do not forget. Especially good are colorful three-dimensional pattern inside the translucent glass plate. Fillers of tiny particles of gold, brass, silver, copper or graphite creates a ghostly shimmering iridescent luster that varies depending on the light.

It is difficult to choose from the variety of 3D wall panels the ones closest to your idea of ​​the perfect, but the result is worth the efforts - with the help of their home becomes a work of art.

How To Install Decorative panels for 3D wall decor

The installation of wall art 3D panels is very easy. Here is the Step-by-step guide to get a modern contemporary wall from 3D decorative wall panels.

Necessary elements:

- Adhesive mounting.
- Joint filler.
- Primer.
- Painting.
- Brush.
- Pencil.
- Cutter (if you need to cut a piece).


  1. Decide how you want to mount the panels (the entire wall or just a part). The walls must be smooth, dry, clean and solid. Old walls can be painted with waterproof.
  2. Place the panels on the floor, measure the wall and the installation area. Define the design and cut the panels with a scalpel if necessary. Look for plugs into the wall.
  3. To install the panels note that you must add the adhesive on the pieces to stick to the applicator and hence makes mounting on the wall.
  4. If you want to paint remember to fill in the spaces between the panels. It is advisable to paint with a brush or spray gun, we recommend painting twice.
  5. To place the panels in your home, be aware that you can do it with double-sided adhesive tape, if you want temporarily.
  6. The wall panels are made of organic and biodegradable materials, easy installation and removal, and  easy maintenance. It is a durable product.
3D decorative wall paneling for modern living room wall decor
3D decorative wall paneling for modern living room wall decor

3D wall stickers

The upcoming catalog is 3D wall stickers for all rooms, and these are examples

3d wall art stickers in kids room

Kids room interior with 3d wall stickers of spiderman
Kids room interior with 3d wall stickers of spiderman

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